Hilltown Family Variety Show Archived Podcasts

Tune in every Saturday morning from 9-10am to 103.3FM WXOJ (Northampton, MA) for an hour long, commercial free, family program. Encores air Sunday mornings from 7-8am. Listen anytime to our podcast.  See our list of archived episodes below.

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“I love the radio show! My son and I are so appreciative to be
able to access shows on line as we are in Switzerland and missing
some of the music we get back in the states!
” – Laura W.

Upcoming Episodes and Guest DJs:

  • Aug 23/24 — Marine Science Episode with Guest DJ, Casey Schaefer of The Whizpops
  • Aug 30/31 — Guest DJ, Danny Weinkauf of They Might Be Giants
  • Sept 6/7  —  National Park Episode with Guest DJ, Jeff Wolin (a.k.a. Ranger Jeff)
  • Sep 13/14 — Guest DJ, Alex Mitnick
  • Sep 20/21 — Harvest Episode with Guest DJ, Laurie McIntosh
  • Sep 27/28 — What I Learned this Summer Episode with Guest DJ, Steve Weeks
  • Oct 4/5 —  Bullying Prevention Month Episode with Guest DJ, Dave Kinnoin
  • Oct 11/12 —  Fall Song Episode with Guest DJ, Suzi Shelton
  • Oct 18/19 — Nature Episode with Guest DJ, Ann Torralba
  • Oct 25/26 — Guest DJ, The Dream Jam Band
  • Nov 1/2 —  Guest DJ,  Eric Herman
  • Nov 8/9 —  Guest DJ, Daniel Weinkauf of They Might Be Giants

Want to join us as a Guest DJ? Send your query to HFVS@HilltownFamilies.org.









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