June 25th – Family Day in Ashfield


June 25thIt’s the first Monday of summer! Hilltown Families invites friends and families to hang out in Ashfield for the day. Come together around 10am for swimming and playing at Ashfield Pond. At noon, walk over to Country Pie on Main Street and treat your kids to a pizza pie on the porch. At1pm there will be a free Bicycle Safety Rodeo at Sanderson Elementary School for kids of all ages.

What to bring:

Swim suits, change of clothes, sun screen, bug spray, money for pizza, bicycle, tricycle, bike helmets and pads, sneakers for the kids.

For more information or directions, select below.

10am – PLAYDATE – Bring your swim suits and head over to Ashfield Pond in Ashfield, MA. 10am-Noon. [Families] (Free)

Noon – LUNCH TIME – In between swimming and bike safety, meet at Country Pie in Ashfield, MA, for a little lunch. [Families] ($)

1pm – OUTDOOR ACTIVITY – Bicycle/Scooter/Tricycle Safety Rodeo at at Sanderson Elementary School, Ashfield, MA, from 1pm-4pm. Click here for more info. 794-5434 for more information. [Families] (Free)

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