Western Mass Bird Club Forming in the Hilltowns

Owl recently spotted in Greenfield, MA. (Photo credit: Tony(a) Lemos)

Jamie Bishop of Plainfield, MA writes:

My son and I are Hoffmann Bird Club members, but we have also joined Allen Bird Club and Hampshire Bird Club. Because we live in Plainfield, we are twenty-five miles from all three clubs.

We want to provide area young people who are birders, or are interested in birds, a place to connect and communicate. We chose Facebook because I’ve been told (by my 20 year old) that everyone under the age of 21 is into social networking and has a Facebook page. So we’ve started a Facebook group called Western Massachusetts Young Birders. We have said that our target audience is young birders 18 and under who live in Western MA, and any adult birders who are interested in mentoring, supporting, and encouraging them. There is a lot of interest and support from the three major bird clubs in the area as well as a naturalist who works for the Audubon Society.

So… if you and your kids do use Facebook, or want to check out the group site, the address is:


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