Grasshoppas in the Park Before Dark

Grasshoppas in the Park Before Dark

Grasshoppas in the Park Before Dark is an annual outdoor performance in the parks of the Hilltowns, happening this year on 6/20 in Whately and 6/27 in Cummington.

Dancing in the park! Grasshoppas in the Park before Dark is a very family-friendly event featuring five 10-minute outdoor performances by local artists Beckie Kravetz, Josh Wachtel and Maureen Shea, as well as local children’s groups.

On June 20 at 7 PM at the Whately Elementary School, the artists will be joined by Morning Glory Girls Garland, who will perform Morris dancing (a folk dance style from the British Isles), and Play, Pause, Rewind! Both children’s groups will include Whately Elementary School students!

On June 27 at 7 PM at Pettingill Memorial Field in Cummington, come see Dolphin Dancers and Roda de Capoeira (a style that brings together dance, music, acrobatics, and martial arts).

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