Edible Books Encourage Creative Free Play in the Kitchen

The Edible Book: A Benefit for the Friends of the Forbes & Lilly Libraries

Edible Book events have been held worldwide since 1999! This is the Forbes and Lilly Libraries 6th annual event. Registration deadline is April 16th and the event takes place on April 22nd at the Florence Civic Center.

The Forbes and Lilly Libraries are holding their Edible Book event on Sunday, April 22nd this year, an annual event that crosses culinary arts and language arts with creative free play! And April vacation week is the perfect time to start thinking with your kids about participating and supporting our local libraries!

What is an Edible Book? It’s exactly what it sounds like – community members create their own edible versions of their favorite books (fiction & non-fiction)!  Previous years’ entries have included Eric Carle’s Very Hungry Caterpillar made out of cookies and the Audubon Book of Birds featuring shortbread avian specimens.

Edible Book events have been held worldwide since 1999 and pays tribute to French gastronome Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin’s book The Physiology of Taste!  The event is an opportunity for families to celebrate reading together, as well as an opportunity for creative free play via culinary arts.  

If your family doesn’t want to enter, you can still attend the Edible Book event to check out others’ entries!  All entrants will get a ribbon, and there will be prizes in multiple categories.  The event will take place on Sunday, April 22nd from 2-4pm at the Florence Civic Center, and admission is $5 (kids 10yo and under are free) and goest towards supporting the Forbes and Lilly Libraries.  For more information, call Bonnie at 413-584-7482 or email bonnieburnham@comcast.net. Registration deadline is Monday, April 16th.

[Photo credit: (ccl) Betsy Roe

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  1. April 12, 2012 at 10:28 am

    Wednesday, April 18th at 6:30pm: The Goodwin Library’s annual edible book event takes place tonight! Families can participate by creating their own edible version of a book of their choice, or just attend the event to see others’ submissions, learn about cupcake decorating, and play bakers’ bingo. 413-584-7451. 50 Middle Street. Hadley, MA. (FREE)


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