Support Local Community Radio: Valley Free Radio!

give it up for Valley Free Radio

For the past five years the Hilltown Family Variety Show has been broadcasting from the studios of Valley Free Radio as part of a four-hour block of commercial-free, family-friendly programming every Saturday morning from 6-10am! Nowhere else in Western MA can families find such a long block of Saturday morning family entertainment without all the commercial interruptions!  A great alternative to Saturday morning cartoons!

And do you know why they can do this?  Because the radio station is supported by it’s listeners, not by advertisers!

This week the radio station is in the middle of their fundraising drive!  We’d like to urge all the listeners of the Hilltown Family Variety Show, both far and near, to take a moment to show their support for both HFVS & VFR by making a donation to the station.  Then send HFVS hostess, Sienna, an email with your donation amount and a we’ll send you a  special thank you to show you our appreciation!  Your support of the station will continue the broadcast of the Hilltown Family Variety Show!


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