6th Annual Handmade Valentine Swap for Western MA Families

Hilltown Families 6th Annual
Community Handmade Valentine Swap

Hilltown Families 6th Annual Community Handmade Valentine Swap! Free to sign up and open to all. Deadline to sign up: Jan 31st. Join us!

It’s that time of the year again! For the past six years Hilltown Families has coordinated a community Handmade Valentine Swap — and we’re doing it again! Making handmade valentines is a great way to push against the commercialization of yet another holiday, while being creative with your family and friends. Sign up below!  It’s free and open to all families in western Massachusetts!

A handmade valentine swap gives local families an opportunity to be creative together while connecting with other families in Western Massachusetts.  Through the swap, participating families mail out handmade valentines to ten assigned addresses, and in return, they receive handmade valentines from ten other participating families.  The cards can be handmade by any combination of child and adult, so if you’re kids aren’t completely up to the task, or if an adult would like to make their own design, there’s flexibility.  All are welcomed!

Deadline to sign up (below) is Friday, January 31st. On Saturday (02/01/14), you will be emailed your assigned names/address of participants to mail your handmade valentines to.  Everyone is kindly requested to mail your valentines off by Feb. 7th.

Here are a few samples of valentines swapped in years past to stir your creative juices:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If interested in participating, the information below must be filled out and submitted by Friday, January 31st.  If you have multiple children and would like each one to receive their own list of families to swap with, please register each person separately.


Be sure to click on the submit button above!  You should receive a personal confirmation within 24 hours.  If you do not receive a confirmation within 24 hours, email us at hilltownfamilies@gmail.com to inquire.

Never participated before? Last year over 1,300 handmade valentines were swap between families living throughout the region! Here’s what just a few families had to share:

  • This was a great event! I hope to have the chance to participate again next year! My children are getting older and yet, I don’t think we’re ever too old to sit and enjoy each others company, make some cards and delight when we open the cards we received!Olympia Casivant 
  • We loved participating in the swap. Many thanks to the families who sent valentines! [My daughter] was thrilled. Hilltown Families is such a catalyst for fun and connection.Jen Hartley
  • My family just moved to Western MA on January 1st and your Valentine’s Day Swap filled our house with so much warmth this holiday. My three girls had so much fun making their valentine’s and even more fun running to the mailbox each day to see what was waiting inside. Thank you so very, very much!Theresa Long Connolly)
  • Just wanted to let you know that my two sons have really enjoyed the Valentine Swap! They are delighted each day to run to the mailbox and find a little surprise waiting for them! We made a valentine tree and put all of the valentines from our new friends on it! They also loved creating their own valentines, so much so that they chose to forego the usual store bought ones in favor of making their own for their school parties! Thanks so much for including us! This was a wonderful community outreach project! – The Allen Family
  • I participated in your Valentine Swap…such a great idea and truly enjoyed receiving cards from other communities. I told a friend who also participated and we look forward to making new and different cards for next year! So much fun!LaVonette Luciano-Burnett 

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