HFVS: Bears and Other Furry Friends Episode with Guest DJ, Suzi Shelton

Hilltown Family Variety Show

Listen to Podcast:

This week our guest DJ is award-winning singer/songwriter Suzi Shelton who will be sharing songs about “Bears and Other Furry Friends,” including her new song “Cinnamon Bear,” from her latest album Smile In My Heart. − www.suzishelton.com

Suzi Shelton – “Cinnamon Bear”

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  • The Okee Dokee Brothers –  Black Bear Mama – Through The Woods
  • Andrew & Polly – Little Bitta You – Little Bitta You
  • Suzi Shelton – Cinnamon Bear – Smile in My Heart
  • Lucky Diaz & The Family Jam Band ​​- Blue Bear – Luckiest Adventure
  • Bari Koral Family Rock Band – Dancing Bear – Apple Tree & The Honey Bee
  • Bears and Lions – We’re a Club in the Woods – Bears and Lions
  • Laura Doherty – Woolly Woolly Bear – In a Heartbeat
  • Randy Kaplan – Virginia, Vega, and I – Jam on Rye
  • Joanie Leeds & The Nightlights – If You Go – What A Zoo!
  • Suzi Shelton – Wings of A Bird – Smile in My Heart
  • Little Miss Ann – Someday, Some Morning, Sometime – Follow Me
  • Mil’s Trills – Lomi – Everyone Together Now!
  • Miss Nina – The Brown Bear Rap – Sha Doo Be Doop
  • Stacey Peasley – Marley – Lucky Day
  • Lou Gallo – Grizzly Bear (Live) – I’m Home
  • David Grisman & Jerry Garcia – Teddy Bears‘ Picnic – Not For Kids Only
  • Vanessa Trien – Hey Ho – Bubble Ride
  • Ben Rudnick and Friends – My Horse – Love is a Superpower
  • Baze and His Silly Friends – Said The Boy – Toddlerville
  • Shira Kline – Whole Wide World – Earth Worm Disco

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