MuseScore Brings Out Your Inner Mozart!

MuseScore Brings Out Your Inner Mozart!

A child’s relationship with sound is very profound and organic.

Young ears pick up on sound patterns before they even realize what they’re doing. From birth, our brains spend every day sorting through the sounds of the world around us, from human speech to footsteps, running water to radio static. Long after we’ve developed the ability to speak and interpret spoken language, humans continue to grow as listeners. As we get older, we hone our ability to hear patterns and to gather information about our surroundings based on the sounds that we hear.

One of the most sophisticated, pattern-related ways that we use our sense of hearing for is music. The patterns created by notes nestled amongst each other sound like, well, music to our ears! However, unlike language acquisition, learning to understand music isn’t something that necessarily comes automatically with repeated exposure. Music is complex, and many of its complexities lie in hearing patterns that most people don’t know to listen for.  Read the rest of this entry »


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