Recap Map: Western MA Weekend Summary & Family Guide for March 5th & 6th, 2016

Here’s a recap of news and information posted on Hilltown Families this past week, along with a map for finding out what’s happening this weekend and next week throughout Western MA!


We’re busy at work putting together our Summer Camp post! If you have a summer program or camp you’d like to add to our list, click on the banner to find out how!

Peruse our list of Suggested Events for March 5th-11th, 2016 for a comprehensive list of events happening throughout the four counties of Western MA, including Bulletin Board Announcements & Hilltown Family Variety Show.

Also check our weekly column,  Learn Local. Play Local. for 45 Community-Based Educational Highlights: Storytelling to STEM. Folk Music to Astronomy., our monthly column, Berkshire Family Fun for a list of premier educational and cultural highlights in Berkshire County for families.

March 5-11, 2016


BotanySeed SwapBulb ShowLocal FoodNutritional AnthropologyCulinary Arts  ♦ Environmental ScienceHydropowerFamily MusicUkulele ♦ EngineeringAstronomy ♦ ChemistryRobotics ♦ PuppetryFamily Theater ♦  Teen Arts ExpoMusical TheaterLanguage ArtsPoetryBookmakingIntergenerational LearningVisual ArtsSculptureParentingTracking  ♦ Makerspace

Family Volunteer Days


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