Splash! Learning Opportunities for Teens at Local College Campuses

Splash Events Bring Wide Array of Learning Opportunities to Local College Campuses

From Yiddish to democratic socialism, social change to monster movies, belly dancing to Asian architecture, local Splash events have it all! Held at both Amherst College and Smith College on Saturday, April 9th, Splash events offer mini-courses on a variety of topics to local teens and tweens. Open to all middle and high school students, Splash utilizes the knowledge and expertise of local college students to offer diverse catalogs of intriguing courses. Helping to expose local youth to new ideas, Splash connects local campuses to the community and encourages teens and tweens to uncover their interests and engage in self-directed learning in order to pursue them. 

Youth interested in participating in either Splash event must register in order to reserve space. Held from 9am-3pm, each event is broken into four separate workshop times, allowing participants time for three courses and lunch. Each campus offers a different course catalog, meaning that participants can choose a campus based either on proximity to home or on the courses offered. Highlights of Smith’s Splash course catalog include the history of monster movie culture, philosophical explorations of time, outdoor survival skills, and an introduction to creating effective community-based service projects. At Amherst, course catalog highlights include an introduction to belly dancing, the basics of solving Rubik’s cubes, studies of the spread of disease, and a tree sculpture workshop grounded in both art and math. In both catalogs, courses are ranked from 1-4 in terms of difficulty (with one being the easiest), and some courses are noted to be best for those who have background knowledge in certain areas. Some courses are filling quickly, so be sure to register soon to ensure that space will be available!

On both campuses, registration will begin at 9am, and the first workshop will beginning shortly after. Registration is $15 per person, and includes lunch. At Smith College, Splash will be held in Seelye Hall, located just off of West Street in Northampton. At Amherst College, Splash will take place in Converse Hall, located just off of College Street near the Amherst Common.

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