Recap Map: Western MA Weekend Summary & Family Guide for July 9th & 10th, 2016

Here’s a recap of news and information posted on Hilltown Families this past week, along with a map for finding out what’s happening this weekend and next week throughout Western MA!


Check out our comprehensive list of summer camps with 70 summer programs in and around western MA from which to choose!

Peruse our list of Suggested Events for July 9th-15th for a comprehensive list of events happening throughout the four counties of Western MA, including Bulletin Board Announcements, Ongoing Story Hours & Playgroups and the Hilltown Family Variety Show.

Also check our weekly column,  Learn Local. Play Local. for 33 Community-Based Educational Highlights: Figure drawing to Robotics. Snails to Architecture, and our monthly column, Berkshire Family Fun, for a list of premier educational and cultural highlights in Berkshire County for families.

July 9-15, 2016


Art Studies ♦ Collage ♦ Nature Studies ♦ Invasive Species ♦ Animal Studies ♦ Invertebrates ♦ Geology ♦STEM ♦ Robotics ♦ History ♦ ArchitecturePhysics ♦YoYosLiteracy ♦ Music Studies ♦ Klezmer

Family Volunteer Days



  1. Hand Clapping Games: Summer & Schoolyard Creative Free Play that Supports Learning
  2. Thunderstorms: Those Rumbling Science Shows
  3. Sing About Science and Math
  4. The Dinner Table: Letting Go of Perfect!
  5. Literary Guide for Mildred Pitts Walter’s “Alec’s Primer”


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