4 Reading Lists & Literary Guides for February

February celebrates Black History Month, Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day, and snow! Here are reading lists and literary guides to connect you to the season with books for all ages.

Celebrating Black History with Children’s Picture Books
In celebration of Black History, here are ten titles which feature stories of bravery, heroism, the pursuit of justice, and so much more… and each one beautifully illustrated!

12 Picture Books to Celebrate Chinese New Year
Explorations of Chinese culture can begin with our rich list of children’s titles by author Demi exploring Chinese art and traditions offering young readers a visual feast! A recurring subject in her extensive body of work is that of ancient China. Many of her books are steeped in Chinese art, history, folklore, and tradition. Here are a dozen titles were written and illustrated by Demi that celebrates Chinese culture. Happy New Year! Kung-Hsi Fa-Ts’ai!

A Literary Guide for Valentine’s Day & Kindness
With Valentine’s Day serving as a catalyst, February is a time for practicing kindness in all its forms. Use titles from our library to learn about the impact that acts of kindness can have on the world, and to gather ideas for practicing kindness in your community.

A Community-Based Education Guide to Bill Easterling’s Prize in the Snow
A short and sweet tale of a very young trapper’s change of heart, Prize in the Snow can catalyze both learning animal tracks and signs, as well as an examination of the ethics of animal trapping and hunting – all within a community-based context!

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