HFVS STE(A)M Episode with Guest DJs, Dan Crow, and John Wood (Podcast/Radio Show)

Hilltown Family Variety Show

Listen to Podcast:

HFVS STE(A)M Episode with Guest DJs, Dan Crow, and John Wood

STE(A)M Episode with guest DJ’s Dan Crow and John Wood, featuring various artists singing the praises of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

Saturday from 9-10am & Sunday from 7-8am
March 28 & 29, 2020
WXOJ LP – 103.3 FM – Valley Free Radio
Northampton, MA


Featured Sick Science! videos for summer science experiments to do at home.

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Listen to Podcast:


Dan Crow – You’re An Engineer [Concoctions]
Katherine Dines – It’s Amazing What You Can Do With Your Brain [Hunkta Bunkta Boo 2]
Roger Day – The Brain Train [Why Does Gray Matter]
Danny Weinkauf – Botany [Danny Weinkauf and The Red Pants Band]
Janet and Judy – Thank A Plant [Musical Almanac]
Dan Crow – Science, Science, Science [Concoctions]
Dave and Oliver Kinnoin – Weightless [Crazy With Happiness]
Lucky Diaz and The Family Band – Gato Astronauta [Fantastico]
Bill Harley – Milky Way [Down In The Backpack]
Marla Lewis – Sedimentary Rock [Life’s Lessons 3rd-5th Grade]
Jonathan Sprout – E=MC2 [American Heroes #4]
Eric Ode – Poor Planet Pluto [When You Smile]
Patricia Shih – The Abacus [The Power Of One]
The Brian Waite Band – Five Cool Cats [Can’t Sit Still]
David Fisher: The Rock ’n Rope Warrior – Jump [Dinosaur Disco]
James Coffey – I’m An Engineer [Come Ride Along With Me]




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