Hilltown Families Presents: “Hawley Street” with The Northampton Center for the Arts

The Northampton Center for the Arts : “Hawley Street”

Hilltown Families and The Northampton Center for the Arts have partnered up to offer a video series called “Hawley Street,” a cross between Sesame Street and an online variety show! Keeping artists and community connected, “Hawley Street” checks out what other creative folks in our neighborhoods are up to these days!


“Hawley Street,” created by The Northampton Center for the Arts (NCFA) Program Director Kelly Silliman, is a production of the NCFA at 33 Hawley. NCFA provides affordable space for artists, performers, and educators while developing programming dedicated to arts education, multidisciplinary collaborations, and community connections. 33 Hawley is a project of the Northampton Community Arts Trust.


Hilltown Families presents is a program of Hilltown Families, a community-based education network serving all of western Massachusetts, partnering with local artists, performers, individuals, organizations, and small businesses in the delivery of educational and entertaining video content for families at home. Interested in participating? Send your proposal to swildfield@hilltownfamilies.org.

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