Kids Sell Their Kids-Made Crafts


Last Friday, Hilltown Families and CAM sponsored a Kids-Made Holiday Bazaar at the Children’s Art Museum in Shelburne Falls, coinciding with the town-wide Moonlight Magic Celebration. Kids ranging from ages 4-13 participated in the event, giving them exposure to the field of cottage industries. Each young vendor sold and bartered their kids-made crafts, rewarding them for their creative pursuits.

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For both Rafael (age 13) of Northampton, MA, and Meghan (age 11) of Goshen, MA, this wasn’t the first experience with a craft fair. Meghan expressed her excitement of being able to sell her sculpy clay and beaded jewelry, clothespin people, and cards in a craft fair that was just for kids. “The last craft fair I participated in was all adults and I felt so out of place,” she commented.

Having a venue for kids to get crafty while having a real world experience and exposure to commerce through the artisan field was the mission of this event. A big congratulations to all vendors for making it a success. And a hearty thank you to everyone who stopped by to shop locally, supporting the event. Hilltown Families and CAM look forward to hosting this event again next year!

The Christmas Spider & the Legend of Tinsel

By Sienna Wildfield

For the Kids-Made Holiday Bazaar my 5yo daughter made holiday cards using the Christmas Spider as her motif.

Why the Christmas Spider? Well, last year she decided that the Christmas Spider would be coming to our house instead of Santa Claus. She explained that the Christmas Spider was Santa’s southern counterpart who gave out presents when Santa was busy. The Christmas Spider wears a hat like Santa, she explained, and likes to give out squishy pretend spiders that hang on the wall, along with books, pencils and sea marbles … Something to look forward to!

I asked her if the Christmas Spider had a sleigh and flying reindeer like Santa and went down chimneys to get indoors. She said that the Christmas Spider actually climbs up houses and then down the chimneys to get inside. Then she (the Christmas Spider is female, evidently!) crawls on towards the next house with her fast skinny legs.

My daughter then proceeded to run around and around the house in her stocking feet at top speed saying that her legs were skinny too, so she could run as fast as the Christmas Spider. That was before she wiped out on the kitchen floor. With a bruised elbow and a tear-stained face she snuggled up on my lap. She looked up at me and told me that the Christmas Spider wasn’t allowed to snuggle with me when she came to our house. I reassured her that she was the only spider I’d ever snuggle.

A friend of the family made a Christmas Spider hat for her to wear last year, and the Christmas Spider quickly became her obsession. So I did a little research and discovered that there were several legends about the Christmas Spider, often explaining the origin of tinsel or lace. And last year we discovered the perfect book to read to her, Cobweb Christmas: The Tradition of Tinsel by Shirley Climo & Jane Manning. You can also read about the legend on a variety of sites, including over at

Other books available on the Christmas Spider include:

The Legend of the Christmas Spider A Wondrous Tale: A Magical Christmas Tale from Finland

    by Nancy Valois.

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Call for Kid Crafters


Hilltown Families (that’s us) and the Children’s Art Museum (CAM) will be hosting a Kids-Made Holiday Bazaar during the Moonlight Magic Celebration at CAM in the village of Shelburne Falls, MA, on Friday, November 23rd, 2007 from 3:30pm to 5:30pm.

Intended to inspire creativity while affording exposure to the field of cottage industries, children from the up to the age of 13 are invited to participate as vendors to sell their handmade, designed crafts. Crafts ideas will be posted here on Hilltown Families preceding the event, so be sure to check back.


Application fee $5 per child. Click here for an application (pdf file). Print it out , fill it out and mail it in with your application fee to the address on the form. For information call CAM at 413.625.6826 or email

APPLICATION FORM: Kids-Made Holiday Bazaar

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