All Dressed Up and Somewhere Royally Fun to Go!

Royally Rockin’ Good Time!

Photo credit: Sienna Wildfield

Princess Katie & Racer Steve were a blast on Saturday during their afternoon costume performance at Lyman Hall in Northampton, MA. We had a terrific turn-out despite the rain, and Princess Katie had the kids rockin’ out and doing the tango, with the parents laughing and joining in. Big thanks to everyone who came out (and for dressing-up!). Click here to see photos.

P. Katie is a royal card, playing up the roll as a princess in caricature! The few weeks leading up to their performance she wrote several entries for Hilltown Families. Click here to read her entries. Hopefully she’ll continue to send us her updates from her Kingdom in NY.

Photo credit: Sienna Wildfield

The most memorable moment of the performance for me (albeit embarrassing) was having her sing Happy Birthday to me (and Liam of Spare the Rock fame). I kept shouting to my daughter (dressed in character as a cheetah), “Look honey, Princess Katie is singing Mommy Happy Birthday!” I felt like a little kid! It was great. But Persephone was too busy crawling around on the floor picking up confetti and streamers to be bothered. — I turned the big four-zero on Sunday (Liam turned six a few days earlier) and having the witty Princess Katie sing Happy Birthday was a memorable present. Thanks Katie!

Below is a low-fi video I took during the performance of their funky song, “Hey Claire!” off of their new CD Fast & Feisty. Click here if you didn’t get a chance to pick up a copy at the concert or couldn’t make it out. And be sure to check out their fun and interactive website at BTW, our next music promo for the Hilltown Family Variety Show will be to win their Songs for the Coolest Kids CD along with the t-shirts they submitted to the HFVS T-Shirt Review. So be sure to check back!

Starla and Pointy the Impaler

From the Palace: Ye and Ye Pets!
By Princess Katie (of Princess Katie & Racer Steve), HF Guest Writer

For the most part, Kingdom life is great. There’s not much that we don’t have here. Sure, it’s beyond damp, there’s always some kind of incurable disease going around and you can’t exactly be sure if you’re going to be sitting on the throne from one day to the next, but generally, we’ve got a pretty decent set up here and there’s little left to be desired… except for maybe one thing, a normal pet relationship.

“A normal pet relationship?” you ask, “Why, pray tell!” Well, I bet you take it for granted that you can nuzzle your cat or dog, or that they’ll run and lovingly jump into your arms when you call them. You should know that not every owner/pet relationship is like that. The mere thought of being able to have one of my pets sleep at the foot of my bed or jump into my arms after a short sprint is both thrilling and highly unlikely. If I have my pet jump into my arms I’m at risk of having a 2-foot gold spike implanted in my forehead.

I own a rare winged unicorn. His name is Pointy.

Yeah, yeah, lucky me, I’ve heard it all before, but it’s not what you think. You’re thinking of the winged unicorn as a white horse with wings who flies towards rainbows and has a big beautiful glistening golden horn proudly mounted in the middle of its forehead; a mythical creature who gives off the sound of a bell tree when it opens its wings. Well, some of that is indeed true, but mainly, this creature is absolutely insane. Although Pointy has a nose and mouth, he, for whatever reason, chooses to use his incredibly sharp horn as an antenna of sorts. So, whenever he’s curious about anything, he’ll take a running start, head pointed downward, spike ready to investigate. I always know when he’s gotten out of his stable because the piercing screams of “Run! Pointy the Impaler is out!” usually give it away. Ah, yes, no one can clear a town quite like Pointy.

I’m stating the obvious when I say that Pointy has got about as much of a chance of sleeping at the foot of my bed in this lifetime as a snowball has on a hot plate.

My other pet’s name is Starla. She’s the “pet o’ choice” for princesses. In fact, unless you own one of these little critters, you’re not really considered to have “arrived” as a princess. Snow White has one, Cinderella has one and even cooler-than-thou Princess Fiona has one.

Starla is what we call a “Fairy Tale Tweeter.” That’s the name of the company that every princess you’ve ever known has ordered from.

Fairy Tale Tweeters is a company that sells those little birds that casually fly over and perch themselves on the index finger of a princess as she begins to sing. They gaze lovingly at the princess and whistle in perfect tune along with her. Read the rest of this entry »

Another ROCKIN’ Kids Concert in Northampton: Princess Katie & Racer Steve!

Hilltown Families & Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child Present …


Saturday, March 8th @ 1:30pm in Northampton

Princess Katie & Racer Steve, will make a triumphant return to Northampton with a rock concert for kids and their parental units at 1:30 p.m. on Saturday, March 8 in Lyman Hall at First Churches of Northampton, 129 Main Street, Northampton, MA, co-presented by the Valley Free Radio programs, Hilltown Family Variety Show ( and Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child (click here to read about their performance last spring). Costumes for the kids are welcome, but optional.

Don’t let the name fool you, this Manhattan-based musical duo (and married couple) stirs up some seriously rockin’ music, ranging from alt-pop to country to reggae, all with a positive message.Publishers Weekly

Kids are encouraged to join Princess Katie, Racer Steve, Judo Champ Billy, and Crash in rocking out to “music with a message that hasn’t lost its cool.” The high-energy show will feature tunes from Princess Katie & Racer Steve’s critically acclaimed 2007 album, Songs for the Coolest Kids, as well as “sneak previews” of songs from their soon-to-be-released CD, Fast & Feisty, offering contemporary takes on popular music sounds ranging from jazz and swing to neo-Latin and electric rock ‘n’ roll to rap, West Indian, folk, country, and 12-bar blues. Princess Katie & Racer Steve use cool music, hip lyrics and zany skits to bring home messages about cultural acceptance, winning, losing, sharing, bullying, making friends, kindness, fairness, sibling appreciation, world peace, and just plain having fun being a kid.

Spontaneity and surprise are key to Princess Katie & Racer Steve’s shows. You never know what they’ll dream up. Princess Katie (aka Katie O’Sullivan) says, “I just can’t seem to do a show unless it’s spectacular for the kids!” She’s sure to bring her giant prize wheel and spin it to choose songs or activities like “Conga” or “Freeze Dance.” Princess Katie & Racer Steve might throw out inflatable soccer balls or surprise the kids with a confetti or Mylar steamer launch. Sometimes they’ll hand out mini racing flags so kids can wave them every time they hear, “Go, Go, Go” in a song about Racer Steve’s car racing. They’ll wear “funky hats” and sunglasses for their “Hey Claire” funk song, and for “Sneakers,” Katie has GIANT sneakers to wear under her princess dress.

Alternative rock-loving parents will dig how much Katie sounds like Natalie Merchant (only much more chipper), and the high-spirited high jinks of Racer Steve will keep their tots in stitches.FamilyFun magazine

Says Racer Steve (aka Steve Borne), “We’re really working toward entertaining kids on every level, not only through the music, but also by making them laugh. Behind everything we create, there’s an element of humor, and we’re so happy to see that the kids, get it and laugh along with us.”

Check out From the Palace: Day in the Life of a Medieval Princess, Princess Katie’s commentary as a contributing writer for Hilltown Families on life in the medieval ages. She’s pretty darn funny and worth the read! She’ll tickle your royal funny bone!

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Modern Inventions in Medieval Life

From the Palace: Day in the Life of a Medieval Princess
By Princess Katie (of Princess Katie & Racer Steve), HF Guest Writer

Well met, Lords and Ladies!

Whenever I return to medieval society after my performances in New York City, I am completely bombarded by queries from the townsfolk, “What do they dress like?” “What are they eating?” “Has J Lo given birth?” Okay, so maybe not the last one, but they are very curious about life outside of medieval life.

So desperate are they to modernize and be like you, that in their haste, they often fall short. Take for instance Henry Brickenden, the newly appointed 16 year-old Town Crier. The main reason we hire youth is because quite frankly, who else but a 16-year old boy has the energy to scream their lungs out all over town reciting such banal “news” as “Lady Baker’s gate is broken, so enter ‘round the back”?

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Shameless Princess Katie Brags of Being Guest Flogger for Unsuspecting Families Living on Hilltop!

From the Palace: Day in the Life of a Medieval Princess
By Princess Katie (of Princess Katie & Racer Steve), HF Contributing Writer

Good morrow! Ah, I remember it like it was yesterday, although it wasn’t. Mother to Princess Persephone, Queen Mum Sienna asked me if I would accept the great honor of being a guest blogger for Hilltown Families! “Would I?” I thought to myself, “and how!” Up to my tiara in excitement and unable to fully contain myself, I proceeded to run screaming down to the Town Octagon (Town Squares are pretty passé here) “I’m going to be a guest blogger! I’m going to be a guest blogger for Hilltown Families!”

I couldn’t understand why I was getting dirty looks from all the townspeople, “Eh,” I thought to myself, “they must be jealous.”

The next morning, everything made sense as I read the cover of the Ye Weekly, “Shameless Princess Katie Brags of Being Guest Flogger for Unsuspecting Families Living on Hilltop!”

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Princess Katie Holds Court in Florence

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