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Awarded the “Essential Agent of Change Award” by the MDPH’s Massachusetts Essentials for Childhood, Hilltown Families is recognized as a leading family strengthening initiative in the region, promoting “positive parenting through the social norm of community social connectedness.” Serving Western Massachusetts since 2005, Hilltown Families continues to support the development and enhancement of our local economy and community. Local businesses, farms, individuals, schools, and non-profit organizations are invited to collaborate with Hilltown Families in their community outreach. With nearly 10,000 opt-in subscribers and 2.7+ million visits to our web site alone, Hilltown Families can deliver your message to thousands of families living throughout the four counties of Western MA! Find out about our affordable advertising options and how you can partner with Hilltown Families in your online marketing by contacting us at


• 2.7+ MILLION web visits to date.
•  10,000 opt-in subscribers
• 8,500 Facebook followers
• Nearly 4,000 Followers on Twitter.
• Delivery to over 25,000 visitors, subscribers, & social media followers each week!


For information about advertising and partnership options with Hilltown Families, email us at, or complete the following form:


  1. “There are many events we would not have known about without Hilltown Families. We’ve also found some great new music.” – Myssie Casinghino (Easthampton, MA)
  2. “I love getting the weekly updates of local happenings. Hilltown Families has done a wonderful job of linking families and promoting so many cool local artists and events.” – Jara Malikin (Florence, MA)
  3. “The best list of local events each weekend (and vacation weeks, holiday events, etc.) and a great website to browse and get inspiration. A terrific and fun resource all the way around.” – Karin Perlman (Northampton MA)
  4. “I have been a member of Hilltown Families for about a year now. I have learned about so many goings-on through the e-mails! There are events I would have missed and artists I would not have learned about without this! Thanks to Hilltown Families!” – Christine Hebert (Chicopee, MA)
  5. “I love Hilltown Families, I live in Berkshire County and am much more aware of fun family events in the surrounding towns to take my daughter too. Thanks for such a great site and Happy 5 years :) My daughter has enjoyed so many events we would not have known about.” – Rebecca Heath (Pittsfield, MA)
  6. “I look at Hilltown Families weekly for activities… we also listen the the podcasts on the weekends! Also love the show outs to the work we are doing at!Thanks.” – Marianne Bullock (Greenfield, MA)
  7. “As a partial stay-at-home-mom for almost four years, Hilltown Families has helped me find things to do with my daughter on weekdays and on weekends. Thanks and keep up the good work!” – Sandra Dias (Holyoke, MA)
  8. “Hilltown Families Rocks! We love hearing about all the wonderful family-friendly concerts all around the region. Your site has motivated us to explore the Valley and to get to know new towns and new events. There are so many creative artists, historic places to visit, and fun and inexpensive events listed here that I can’t begin to list the things we have done because of your recommendations. The most recent was the Santa Parade and other events in Shelburne Falls the Saturday after Thanksgiving. What fun! Thank you for all the links and announcements as well.” – Isolda Ortega-Bustamante (Amherst, MA)
  9. “My family and I check with Hilltown Families every week. We have done numerous activities thanks to Hilltown Families over the years…big thanks!” – Rebecca Lauterbach (Springfield, MA)
  10. “Happy 5th! This has been a great resource for our family. Learning what is going on in our area as well as getting to know other areas and families has been really fun.” – Susanne Holt (Belchertown, MA)
  11. “Happy Birthday, Hilltown Families! And thank you! I love being informed and inspired by the events and people in the area… your site has become a go-to when we’re planning our weekend activities.” – Jennifer Gottlieb (Florence, MA)
  12. “Thank you Hilltown Families for letting us know about all the cool people and events just outside Northampton. You are a great resource for those of us who don’t live in the hills, but love to go there for a reason.” – Brenda Hardin Abbott (Easthampton, MA)
  13. “Seeing Hilltown Families on the internet when we were in Providence gave us the reassurance and confidence that the area we were thinking of moving to was going to be full of quality activities that resonated with our lifestyle. – We found that to be not only true about the schools, parent centers, and child-centered activities, but that the people as well! What a great resource Hilltown Families has been to connect us all, bring forward great seasonal ideas, inspiration, and activities – helping to enrich where we are by bringing to the surface all these wonderful treasures of families to connect with!” – Angie Gregory (Northampton, MA)
  14. “Hilltown Families has provided us with a place to find events, read thought provoking articles, and linked us to local resources. I love this website! Thanks so much!” – Melissa Power-Greene (Northampton, MA)
  15. “Since the discovery of Hilltown Families we always know where to look when we want to know what’s going on in the region or when we are looking for a local resource. Living in the hills can be isolating but Hilltown Families makes it so much easier to connect and feel connected. Thanks so much!” – Amy Cullen (Williamsburg, MA)
  16. “As each weekend approaches, I immediately look to Hilltown Families to see if there are events & happenings that might interest us. We have often found really fun things to do that we may not have heard of otherwise and many times events are free which is an added bonus! I have recommended the Hilltown Families site to countless families that have moved to the area and are looking for fun things to do. Thank you Hilltown Families–you are a fabulous resource!” – Sara Cahillane (Whately, MA)
  17. “Music, events, ideas. I have enjoyed Hilltown Families for information and entertainment over the years.” – Hillary King (Haydenville, MA)
  18. “Hilltown Families has been fabulous to our family proving wonderful ideas, places to visit, and of course the families which we have meet by mentioning Hilltown Families. Thank you, Hilltown Families. Keep up the Good Work!!” – Glenda (Ashfield, MA)
  19. “Hilltown Families is such a valuable resource for parents up and down the Pioneer Valley. Thanks for providing us with things to do every day of the week, if we wanted!! Hilltown Families is my go-to site when I’m looking for music and theater for the kids.” – Jara Malikin (Florence, MA)
  20. “We always appreciate the neat ideas, information, and thoughts from your writers. And we appreciate that we can be on the email list-serve as well as look at the website — makes it all the more convenient as a reader/user. Thanks for what you do.” – Joanne Peterson (Florence, MA)
  21. “I moved to the area this past summer and Hilltown Families has been a wonderful resource for me as a newcomer. It has pointed my family towards some great activities and local eateries (Cummington Fair, Bread Euphoria, etc.). More importantly it has given me, as a newcomer, a broader sense of how active this community is and what people here care about. So thank you for that!” – Jenni Haley (Sunderland, MA)
  22. “Hilltown Families is the most amazing resource! I use it constantly to check for local events and activities. It’s also a great way to keep in touch with the rest of our unique corner of Massachusetts . I love the way Hilltown Families promotes local writers and artists, all while fostering a sense of community. Happy 5th Birthday!” – Ellen Doyle (Williamsburg, MA)
  23. “Hilltown Families is an excellent resource for family oriented fun, information and events in Western Mass. We not only look forward to celebrating its fifth birthday, but its tenth! Keep up the good work.” – Geri Pollard (Cummington, MA)
  24. “Hilltown Families is THE place to find something cool to do with the kids. I have checked the site for years and enjoy it so much now on Facebook, a weekly reminder of why we love it here and all that there is to do!” – Niki Lankowski (Whately, MA)
  25. ”Hilltown Families has benefited us in so many ways… expanding our abilities to attend family events around the area, be it in nature, music, dance, art. Our child has grown and learned so much (and will continue to) by being able to expand his horizons in so many ways… more than we could have ever imagined. Thank you HILLTOWN FAMILIES! YOU ROCK!” – Erin Newman-Long (Easthampton, MA)
  26. “What would we do without all the valuable information and sense of community that Hilltown Families promotes?! You’re hard work has paid off, you are well loved and such an important resource in this area, THANKS!” – Tina Cornell (West Chesterfield, MA)
  27. “Hilltown Families is a model resource for the community. When we want to know what’s happening in the hilltowns, we turn to Hilltown Families first.” (Seth Isman, Economic Developer, Hilltown CDC)
  28. “I just want to thank you for this amazing resource. Every week I rely on you for what’s going on in the valley and for special things to do with my kids. I feel a part of something very special with Hilltown Families.” – Geraldine Unger (Conway, MA)
  29. “I love using Hilltown Families on Facebook to find out about great events in the area to bring my kids to! I also love reading suggestions about cool places or things to do with kids… Thanks for such a great resource.” – Stephanie Gale (Easthampton, MA)
  30. “I looked over your website and was so blown away by not only the quality and content, but the devotion you have taken to include so many community groups and events. Thank you again for all that you do for area families. You are enriching our families and our community!” – Mindy Brown, Director of Easthampton Family Center (Easthampton, MA)
  31. “Hilltown Families helps us answer the “What do we do today?” question. It is an incredible resource for us since we are relatively new to the area. We’ve discovered venues and activities that we’ve never heard of before. And, Hilltown Families reminds us to revisit our favorite places and events. Thank you!” – Donnabelle Casis (Florence, MA)
  32. “I love keeping up to date with activities geared toward FAMILIES! The site is easy to navigate and the blog content is fascinating.” – Alisa Blanchard (Pittsfield, MA)
  33. “Happy 5th Hilltown Families! You have been an amazing resource for all things cool for families in Western Mass and beyond! I don’t know what we’d do without you! Thank you!” – Andi Turowsky (Shelburne Falls, MA)
  34. “Hilltown Families is my favorite rumor confirmer. If I hear about an event by word of mouth but I don’t have much information, Hilltown Families always has everything I need to know about the when and where. I also use Hilltown Families when we’re at a loss what to do. A quick calendar scan always gives us a few options. Thanks.” – Stacia Potter (Florence MA)
  35. “I have been referring to Hilltown Families for years — I make my weekly calendar from the suggested events list! As a mother of 3, 5 and under, it has been an invaluable resource for our family.” – Ellen Ferris (South Hadley, MA)
  36. “I LOVE Hilltown Families! When I first moved here, everyone seemed busy, but I couldn’t figure out what they were doing. Hilltown Families has opened my eyes to all of the lovely things happening in this very special place. Thank you.” – Melissa Power-Greene (Northampton, MA)
  37. “What an amazing gift Hilltown Families is to the community! We have enjoyed a bunch of the events, made new friends, and I appreciate the dialog you instigate on your Facebook page. Thank you!” – Lissie Fein (Easthampton, MA)
  38. “Hilltown Families is the site I check EVERY weekend to put together my list of fun, healthy, local events we can do as a family. Invaluable, whether you live in a hilltown, or on the edge of one!! Thank you.” – Deborah Doulette (Whately, MA)
  39. “I am new to Hilltown Families and it has been a wealth of information over the holidays and I am looking forward to a great 2011 with Hilltown Families. Thank you for all you do.” – Tracy Griffith (Cummington, MA)
  40. “Hilltown Families just completely rocks. My 3-year-old Lily and I have gotten so much benefit from seeing what’s happening on any given day and deciding what fun and interesting thing to do next. We are going to be (or rather, are) homeschooling and having easy access to a comprehensive site like this is a HUGE plus.” – Jen Hartley (Florence, MA)
  41. “I appreciate the Hilltown Families event emails, I am much more aware of events my children would enjoy that I’m excited about, too!” – Jessica Harmon (Bernardston, MA)
  42. “The Hilltown Families blog and Facebook page have been a great resource for our family in 2010. Trying to find fun, engaging activities [in the Valley] for our little guys used to be much more difficult. Now, if we’re looking for a Saturday morning activity or day-trip we just check out what’s happening on Hilltown Families. We’ve also discovered some wonderful small-towns, and small-town events, that we otherwise would have missed. Thanks Hilltown Families!” – David Frazier
  43. I love Hilltown Families; and in particular “Saturdays’ Best” through Facebook. HFs helps me remain more connected to western Massachusetts community happenings; and increases our awareness of local happenings involving sustainable agriculture, outside activities/nature, and area businesses and artists… I can more effectively support the local economy and feed my family better because of Hilltown Families.” – Megan O’Brien (Leeds, MA)
  44. “Great to hear about the Greenfield Winter Farmer’s Market on this site. Hilltown Families does its part to promote sustenance for families AND farmers!” – Rachel Silverman (Greenfield, MA)
  45. “My favorite resource for kid-friendly events in the area. An invaluable website. Happy birthday Hilltown families!” – Lyza Fennell (Southampton, MA)
  46. “Hilltown Families really helped us when we moved to this area from a big-city a few years ago. We thought we would be bored here and you quickly proved us wrong! Thank you.” – Rebecca Chambers (Amherst, MA)
  47. “Hilltown Families turns 5! Thank you, Sienna, for keeping the isolation at bay in the Hilltowns! You do so much to support local businesses, families, moms, dads, kids, pets, and the earth. Heartfelt thanks for your efforts!” – Jennifer Drumm Schmitt (Williamsburg, MA)
  48. “We’re in Hadley, MA. I really appreciate that Hilltown Families helps me find wholesome activities for my two sons. Esp. loving the winter farmer’s markets lately!” – Michelle L’Esperance (Hadley, MA)
  49. “How hasn’t Hilltown Families been involved in my life in the last 5 years?! From finding out about fun happenings to posting my own events and just by being a listserv to hear from others–this is a great service!” – Leslie Charles (Chesterfield, MA)
  50. “Great Website! Found just what I was looking for… a plan for a special day with my granddaughter tomorrow. The Eric Carle Museum will be perfect and I found links to so many more fun spots! Anyone with kids in Western Mass should bookmark this site!” – Gail Hescock
  51. “I’ve been a fan & friend & follower since the beginning–hard to believe it’s been 5 years! My how time flies! Happy Birthday, Hilltown Families.” – Amy Coyne (Goshen, MA)
  52. “Hilltown Families has been an awesome way to stay in touch with what’s happening in the area. It’s also well written and usually very up-to-date, which is always helpful. Keep up the great work!” – Zach Howard & Alexa Flanders (Conway, MA)
  53. “We gone to several music events that we’ve heard about through Hilltown Families, and I’m learning more about cool places and events in the area.” – Sara Barry (Haydenville, MA)
  54. “I have used Hilltown Families to plan kids vacations and find things to do on the weekends! Also it is a great place to post events to share with other families!” – Piet Slaghekke (Easthampton, MA)
  55. “I like the posts about the suggested events. They give me ideas how to spend the weekend with my family.” – Maria Nikolaou (Northampton, MA)
  56. “We moved to the area in 2009 – Hilltown Families has given me a new appreciation for western MA – finding the best family friendly places around! THANKS!” – Amanda Saklad (Belchertown, MA)
  57. “I live in Leeds (Northampton), MA, and was thrilled to find out about Hilltown Families last year. I now receive news frequently by email and often follow the link to the web site. Thanks to you, I have learned about Special menus and events at Bread Euphoria, my favorite local food place. As the parent of a kindergartner, I also frequent Cup and Top and have appreciated the updates about their music events and special dishes there too. Thank you!” – Pamela Cobb (Leeds, MA)
  58. “I love all the green/sustainable ideas you provide. Always a great resource when we’re trying to come up with something to do. Thanks for providing a great service.” – Ruth von Goeler (Northampton, MA)
  59. “Hilltown Families has given me numerous ideas, destinations, and events to participate in with my infant twins. It has been an invaluable resource that motivates us to get out and explore together!” – Stephanie Allen (Greenfield, MA)
  60. “Hilltown Families is a great resource in planning family activities! Without fail, I can always find a listing for a great family event!” – Carol Crosier (Pittsfield, MA)
  61. “Hilltown Families, has continuously connected my family with the local, ever growing, wonderful community. I am so grateful for Hilltown Families! Thank you for all that you do!” – Brianyn Ari MacLeod (Amherst, MA)
  62. “So many options to sort through for finding good local food & family-friendly entertainment. Hilltown Families makes it easier to find the best of!” – Pat Leyden (Hadley, MA)
  63. “Hilltown Families is a great source for sugaring activities when the sap starts running. Can’t wait.” – Stacia Potter (Florence, MA)
  64. “Hilltown Families has been a huge help to our family! It’s a wonderful resource to find out what is happening in our community (and surrounding communities). We have learned about many things in the area that we were unaware of as well! Thanks Hilltown Families! – Renee Hill (Easthampton, MA)
  65. “Not only are the events you post kid/family friendly, they are unique and genuine. A great resource no matter where you are in the Pioneer Valley. Thanks for all you do!” -Jacqueline Jones (Holyoke, MA)
  66. “This is the number one site I go to to find out what to do in the area. We love that posts are done by other families and the broad spectrum of listings to choose from.” – Jaimee Roncone (Westhampton, MA)
  67. “I check the site every week for family events, concerts, festivals, and classes! I have found out about countless things I would never have known about (I just don’t read the paper). Thanks so much for all that you do to connect us to community!!” – Kyra Anderson (Northampton, MA)
  68. “Hilltown Families is the first place I look when I want to do something with my daughter during the week and when our family is looking for an outing on the weekend. We really don’t need to look anywhere else!” – Sandra Dias (Holyoke, MA)
  69. “I began following Hilltown Families about 3.5 years ago — several months BEFORE my husband and 3 kids and I moved to Buckland from out of state. It has been a tremendous resource as it beautifully portrays and reflects this wonderful community! Thank you to all those involved in growing it.” – Liz Jacobson-Carroll (Buckland, MA)
  70. “I’m new to Hilltown Families and I’m excited to hear about the events happening in my neighborhood that I otherwise wouldn’t know about!” – Anneliese Mordhorst (Chesterfield, MA)
  71. “I can’t believe I didn’t know about Hilltown Families before. I thought it was just for families who lived in the Hilltowns, not for Valley families like us in Hatfield. After looking through the site (which is also great looking), I see that there are tons of events that my family would like to know about and attend, from Northampton, to Amherst to Pittsfield. Thanks!” – Kathie Gow (Hatfield, MA)
  72. “Hilltown Families has enriched my parenting experience by helping me find cultural, artistic and FUN events for me to do with my kids. It is an amazing community resource. I love having you on Facebook, especially!” – Jessica Grant (Leeds, MA)
  73. “Hilltown Families seems like the only place to find out about child-friendly arts activities! … I’m pretty sure that we heard about every musical/theatrical event in the area to which we’ve taken our kids through Hilltown Families. You even led us to Music Together classes!” – Libby Maxey (Conway, MA)
  74. “I’ve only recently discovered Hilltown Families on Facebook, but we’ve already checked out the Northampton First Night, lots of “school vacation” events, the winter farm markets, puppet shows, the birds of prey last summer… so much fun! And I’m learning that there is so much more to the page. Gotta take some time to explore it. Thanks for being a great resource. I like that you have some events in Springfield/surrounding areas as well. I love the Northampton area, but live closer to Springfield.” – Pauline Delton
  75. “Hilltown Families is my go-to at the end of every week to plan out weekend activities! Thanks so much!” – Laine Romero-Alston (Florence, MA)
  76. “The best place to find a listing of many local options to do and see each weekend. Thank you!” – Karin Perlman (Northampton MA)
  77. “The updates about all the local happenings are amazing. I find out about so many events, festivals, concerts, activities through Hilltown Families. It is such a tremendous resource for the Valley.” – Rachel Griffiths (Belchertown, MA)
  78. “Hilltown Families keeps us on board with Kid Culture in the Valley, without it our experience of community would be warped! Often encourages me to attend an event which stretches outside of my comfort zone, as a result my comfort zone has grown!” –
    Tony(a) Lemos (Ashfield, MA)
  79. “I am always amazed at how many opportunities there are in the Valley for family friendly cultural enrichment. I wouldn’t find out about most of them without Hilltown Families!” – Jacqueline Lee Jones (Holyoke, MA)
  80. “Through Hilltown Families we have learned about many local events that we would not have been able to track otherwise. And once we were able to attend a show thanks to free tickets, which was an amazing experience!” – Domenico Romero (Florence, MA)
  81. “We love Hilltown Families…I follow on Facebook to find many events and happenings that we love to attend! Such a great resource…Thank you!” – Stephanie Gale (Easthampton, MA)
  82. “I have just recently came into the good luck of finding Hilltown Families but will definitely be keeping a watchful eye on it for the next five years for all its great at hand helpful info. Thank you for the ease of finding activities and the knowledge of cost before we get there.” – Heather Houghton-Smith (East Longmeadow, MA)
  83. “Hilltown Families has been a wonderful way to find resources, activities, and friends. Thank you for all the hard work and dedication!” – Chrisoula Roumeliotis (Worthington, MA)
  84. “As a creative mama Hilltown Families has opened up a whole world of wonderous adventures for our family. Keep up the great work…it is so very appreciated.” – Abbe Laine Schiowitz (Shutesbury, MA)
  85. “We Love Hilltown Families! Thanks for keeping us in the loop and always giving our family great ideas on how to spend our weekends!” – Heather Johnson
  86. “Hilltown Families keeps our family up to date on all the best events, any weekend we don’t have plans I know I can just log on and find something fun to do with our day.” – Marianne Bullock (Greenfield, MA)
  87. “I regularly check the Hilltown Families blog for ideas for family events. We have attended numerous events that we found out about here. Thanks!” – Amy Hill (Sunderland, MA)
  88. “Hilltown Families is a wonderful resource for us! With two small, active girls, it’s important to find activities we can all enjoy. Thanks for all you do!” – Jennifer Martin (Shelburne Falls, MA)
  89. “I love Hilltown Families online for staying on top of local happenings. I’ve raised my kids in the Valleys’ museums. Great places to take family, friends, and exchange students.” – Megan O’Brien
  90. “Love your listings and giveaways… great to know some family friendly quality cultural activities (esp. the Academy of Music events look wonderful), and I wouldn’t have known about them otherwise.” – Pamela Snow
  91. “I love this resource. I am grateful for it every day. Thank you for working so hard to let us know the goings on in our wonderful community!” – Katryna Nields (Conway, MA)
  92. “It’s nearly impossible to triage all the cool stuff going on in our area without a source like Hilltown Families to compile it and spread the word–and it benefits artists and patrons alike.” – Rachel Silverman (Greenfield, MA)
  93. “My sister turned me on to Hilltown Families. It’s such a great resource for things to do with kids in the Valley — I can’t believe I hadn’t known about it until recently.” – Betsy Gillen
  94. “Who among us has not benefited from this service? Thank you for providing this invaluable support over the past five years. We are truly fortunate that you made this happen and continue to keep us all connected and informed on such a regular basis!” -Victoria Worth (Ashfield, MA)
  95. “Having recently moved to MA I was so happy to discover Hilltown Families online. I love staying up to date on activities for my family. Keep up the good work.” – Kelly Pramberger (Wilbraham, MA)
  96. “Hilltown Families is a great resource! Every time my toddler is getting restless I check the website for fun activities and ideas. Thank you so much!” – Elena Langdon (Holyoke, MA)
  97. “Love these opportunities offered by Hilltown – keep expanding the minds of our youth for a better world!!! Knowledge is power and the opportunity to expand that is so very valuable” – Pamela Snow
  98. “We also live in Leeds and we just recently discovered and joined Hilltown Families. We really appreciate getting info on local, family friendly events and other info relevant to our family without having to filter the usual muck found in the local papers. Thanks!” – Shawn Gundersen (Leeds, MA)
  99. “I was a new mom who was staying at home with my son when I discovered Hilltown Families. At the time, I had a pretty sweet case of Postpartum Depression. Hilltown Families encouraged me to attend events and kept me from isolating myself. Now that I’m past those early lonely days, it is still a great resource full of wonderful (SMART) blog posts, has a great weekly podcast that my son loves, and continues to be the first place I go to when I want to know what family friendly activities are going on in the Pioneer Valley!” – NJ Rongner (Holyoke, MA)
  100. “Hilltown Families made us feel welcome in Western MA when we moved to Northampton nearly a year and half a go. We were at a loose end and didn’t even know where a playground was. Once we found it, we always knew where to go to have fun with our three boys. Soon we were meeting people and bumping into them again and again. It’s still the spot we check week after week. Hilltown Families reminds us when it is market day and where the playgroups are going on rainy cold days.” – Karen Bayne (Northampton MA)
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    Thank you for the wonderful work you do. I’m impressed with your web site and all of the information you manage to get out there. You are an inspiration to all of us working to create and build programs that uplift society. – MaryGrace Stewart (Academy Hill School, Springfield, MA)

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