Poetry by A.A. Milne for Sick Kids & Their Grown-ups!

Phtheezles May Even Ensue

This month I offer up a poem by A.A. Milne, of Pooh fame, that’s about being sick (or pretending to be), which a lot us can probably relate to right now. It’s also terrifically fun to say out loud.

I don’t know about your kids, but mine are especially prone to what I call “repetition and variation” finding a word or a sound that feels good to say, and then repeating that word, and endless variations of that word, until I think my head will explode.

But this kind of word play is exactly what kids need to develop their cognitive and creative chops, so I try to wait until the riff—because that’s what it is, right?—has run its course before I request, oh-so-politely, that we enjoy a little silence, too.

It’s a long poem, and may have to be learned in parts, but I bet your kids will be pretty good at getting it down. And if somebody in your house is stuck in bed with the flu, maybe reading this to them will provide a little distraction: “Sneezles” by A.A. Milne Read the rest of this entry »

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