Open Sesame: 8 Picture Books Celebrate Canny Turkeys

Talkin’ Turkey: Eight Picture Books That Keep Their Tail Feathers

Turkeys are part of our living landscape. We see them almost everyday throughout the year. In spring, we admire the big toms displaying their feathers in full regalia, and in summer, we delight in the fuzzy babies wobbling after their mothers. We watch big flocks pecking in stubbled cornfields during fall, and in winter, we follow their claw marks in the snow, hoping to find one of their long, magical feathers. We can’t help but mimic their gobble gobble, and are always surprised to see their plump bodies fly up into the trees to roost. A symbol of the Give-Away, the turkey carries historical and cultural significance, and for many, is the epicenter of the Thanksgiving feast. But in these picture books, there are no roasted turkeys. These birds aren’t dressed with stuffing and chestnut glaze, but instead wear ridiculous costumes and hatch crazy ideas to escape human plates. Vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike will appreciate the comedic feast and avian affection found in these eight picture books, where talkin’ turkey means keeping your tail feathers.  Read the rest of this entry »

Dog House Build Off! Community Service for Animal Welfare.

Volunteers Sought for Doghouse-Building Event to Aid Dogs in Need

Kane’s Krusade, a nonprofit organization that helps dogs in need in the greater Springfield area, is seeking volunteers to assist with a doghouse-building event on Saturday, Nov. 2, 2013 from 8am-4pm. The purpose of the event is to successfully build seven doghouses that are fully insulated, raised off the ground and weather proof. The doghouses built by volunteers will be donated to provide insulated shelter for dogs whose owners cannot afford one.

Dogs make fantastic family pets – when trained and lovingly cared for, they are wonderful companions. Pups of all shapes and sizes provide friendship, snuggles, and energetic playtime for families. Pets are, however, affected by the changes that take place within a household and, sometimes, when families experience difficult times, pets’ lives change, too. Luckily, Kane’s Krusade has come to the rescue! Kane’s Krusade offers support and resources for canine-owning community members who love their pets but experience difficulty in properly caring for them. People served by Kane’s Krusade are disabled, elderly, unemployed, and/or living on a fixed income and, without the organization’s help, might be forced to give up their beloved furry friends.

This fall, Kane’s Krusade is offering a unique opportunity for families to help out in supporting dogs in need! In order to ensure that outdoor dogs are safe and healthy during the harsh winters that we experience in New England, the organization is hosting a Dog House Build Off…

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