Just My Type: When It’s Not Diabetes

Nothing Left to Give

Diabetes has a way of crowding out everything else in life. Nowhere is that more true than with childhood illnesses and injuries.

You see, even though my daughter, Noelle, has type 1 diabetes, she does have normal kid problems. Sometimes that’s hard to remember, and sometimes it’s even harder to deal with. It may sound strange, but I dump so much time, energy and anxiety into caring for her diabetes that I have nothing left for the bleeding scratch on her knee: “Oh, it’s fine, go hold a tissue on it.”

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Just My Type: Judgement and Misunderstanding of Type 1 Diabetes

What’s in a Name

I have this fantasy in my head: Next time someone asks my daughter, Noelle, about why she is pricking her finger or wearing an insulin pump, she will reply, “I have organ failure.”

Putting aside the fact that I would much rather have other fantasies in my head, I am embracing this one since a recent visit to the psychologist in Noelle’s pediatric endocrinologist’s office. The psychologist is just one other resource offered by the office to address the complete needs of a child with type 1 diabetes; last month we visited the nutritionist to learn that fast food really isn’t all that good for you. I know, shocking…

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