Off the Mat: Meditating and Parenting

Peace, Happiness and Fried Eggs

The object of my meditation.

Fried egg. Toast.

Brown flecks on pure white. Whiter than my t-shirt. I need a new white t-shirt. This one probably isn’t nice enough for work. What’s that stain? Marker? Blueberry? Can I tuck it in or do I need to change before my 1:15? What else is clean? I wonder if the washer is done.

Oh. The egg. The toast. Sunflower yellow yolk. Sunflowers didn’t grow this year. Too dry? Chipmunks eating the sprouts? Chipmunk darting through the garden now. Naturally still one moment and then scurrying someplace new.

Like my mind.

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Observance of Earth Hour Supports Climate Studies and Sense of Place

Observance of Earth Hour Supports Climate Studies and Sense of Place

Since 2007, hundreds of millions of people worldwide have participated annually in a powerful and symbolic act of earth-centric solidarity. Earth Hour brings together citizens of all ages from around the world to shine a light on climate change and climate action – by turning off the lights!

Held annually in late March (so as to allow the sunset times in both of the earth’s hemispheres to overlap), Earth Hour asks participants to show their commitment to preserving the earth by switching off non-essential lighting for a full 60 minutes. While a single home with its lights switched off may not seem like much of a statement (in fact, it might just seem like nobody is home!), a neighborhood, town, or city filled with homes darkened for Earth Hour makes quite a statement and shows a collective desire for respectful, responsible, and sustainable use of the earth and its resources.  Read the rest of this entry »

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