Q&A: What Are the Going Rates For a Mother’s Helper or Babysitter?

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When left with a babysitter, does your child experience separation anxiety? This can be a difficult situation for babysitters. Click on the photo to read what advice Dr. Kate Cronan gives on how babysitters can soothe children after parents leave.

What are the going rates these days for a mother’s helper? For 1 child, or 2 children+? And how about a babysitter? Do you pay according to experience, transportation, per kid?

  • Dana Wilde writes: “I’m a seasoned hilltown family baby sitter, (and a full-on grown-up). I only work with families I personally know, or through their personal connections. I charge $10/hour for one kid. $15 for two. Also, my 20-minutes-away family pays for gas, which makes a huge difference in my willingness and good mojo.”
  • Jody Hadden writes: “Daycare around here is usually about $ 25 -30 per day at 8 to 9 hr days so I usually pay my sitter according to that formula. So for 2 kids I usually do about $ 6 /hr plus provide dinner or lunch.”
  • Angela Mulkerin writes: “I pay 13$/hr for awake time and 10$/hr for sleep. I have one 2 year old who classifies as a medium handful! I also pay for gas if I need the sitter to drop him off anywhere at the end of their day (5$ a trip). But I’ve only used adults…. I’m thinking about trying to find a high schooler now that the kiddo is a little older – maybe they charge less? And I wouldn’t put my child in a car with anyone with less driving experience than me.”
  • Kristin Mattocks writes: “I pay roughly $14/hour for babysitting for two children (ages 5 and 7). Given we live about 15 minutes outside of Amherst, that figure also accounts for the cost of gas to get to/from our house.”
  • Katryna Nields writes: “I pay $10 hour to people who drive. Most folks don’t want to come to my hilltown for fewer than 4 hours. So I would help with gas if it were shorter than that. I have one fabulous sitter to whom I pay $12 because that’s what she charges…. I pay the teenagers down the street- non drivers- $6 an hour. I also always round up. I have 2 kids. If I share a sitter with another family the price is usually $14 an hour or $6 per kid depending on the sitter.”

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