10 Tips for Dad to Help Ease the Back-to-School Transition

10 Tips for Dad to Help Ease the Back-to-School Transition
By Joe Kelly, TheDadMan.com

The start of a new school year can be a nerve-wracking time for our children and stepchildren–and us. Here are 10 simple tips to help smooth your kid’s way.

  1. Listen to what’s happening. If she’s stressed or upset about cliques, teams, new subjects, or anything else-give her your attention. Provide her time to get things out and do some processing before jumping in with judgments or suggestions.
  2. Help him keep perspective. Gently remind him that there are more important things than who’s wearing what, or who is going out with whom. Let him know (in word and deed) that you love him for who he is, no matter what.
  3. Set the stage. Ask your child what a successful school year would look like for her-friends, sports, activities, dating-and then have her tell you about how important each goal is to her and if she thinks each one is realistic. It’s OK to discuss your expectations regarding grades, but remember the important lessons learned outside the classroom and all the pressures which face our kids today.
  4. Nurture your special father-child bond. Go out for ice cream, go swimming, shoot hoops, or do something you know he loves. The beginning of school is a great time to begin a new tradition. How about a lunch date the last Saturday of every month?
  5. Let her cope and experiment. School can be a great place for her to learn important personal and interpersonal skills which will serve her later in life. Don’t rush in to solve every problem – listen. But never back down where her personal safety is concerned.
  6. Walk a mile in his shoes. Try to imagine what he’s experiencing and what it means to him. Your understanding and empathy can help him make it through his own trials.
  7. Celebrate success. We dads sometimes tend to focus more on what’s not going right than we do on what is going well. Be sure to let her know how proud you are of her talents and accomplishments-even if they are not readily recognized by others.
  8. Be a hero. Stay always mindful of his unique spirit and give him your loyalty, kindness, acceptance, respect, and support. Your influence in his life is unique, so make it as positive as possible.
  9. Tell stories about yourself. Many things have changed since you were a kid, but most of the important stuff is still the same. Share your own youthful struggles with staying true to yourself, your values, and your friends. Don’t make every story into a lecture, and be sure to admit your mistakes-they can teach her a lot (starting with humility)!
  10. Honor his interests. Even if his passion isn’t your first choice for fun, be there for him, let him teach you about his interests, and learn why he’s passionate about them. Your validation is a huge help to him.

©Joe Kelly; All rights reserved. Reprinted with permission. Learn more about healthy fathering @ www.TheDadMan.com.

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Back-to-School: Getting Out the Door

Getting Out the Door

For most families, back-to-school means a new schedule complete with homework, meetings, practices and new activities. Remembering everything that has to be ready to go each day can turn your mornings into a mad dash.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

With a little organization, you really can make this the year your family commits to making every morning a smooth one. Experiment with these tips, adapted from At-A-Glance and Stacy M. DeBroff’s The Mom Book (The Free Press, 2002), to find out which ones work best with your bunch:

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Countdown to Back to School: Get Organized

Countdown to Back to School: Get Organized

Back to School: When your student and your whole family get organized, going back to school will be stress free.
By Lisa Rosenthal, GreatSchools Staff

The start of school is just around the corner, so now’s the time to make sure everything is in order at your house — initial back-to-school supplies are on hand, after-school activities and care are arranged, and you’ve established a quiet, orderly place in your home for your student to keep school papers and study.

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Back-to-School Supplies

School Supply Lists

GreatSchools.net has posted a K-2: Back-to-School Supply List families might find useful.

Before you shop for back-to-school supplies, it’s best to get a list of what’s required from your child’s school or new teacher. If the school list isn’t available yet, you can still take advantage of back-to-school sales by sticking to the basics that you know your child will need. Click here to read more.

They also have a 3rd-5th Grade Back-to-School Supply List along with a Middle School Back-to-School Supply List.

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