Bee Condos: Steps Away from Sweet Educational Opportunities

Kid-friendly global bee revival can start in your own backyard and provide dynamic learning opportunities for the whole family

When looking to attract wildlife for children to observe, we often choose birds. Bird feeders and houses can be fairly simple to create and, especially in terms of food and birds are a very “if you build it, they will come” type of creature. But what if there was another creature in need of support who could just as easily be housed and fed in your yard via DIY projects? It’s no secret these days that bee populations are quickly declining, and as it turns out, families can take some very simple steps in order to offer bees with lots of appropriate habitat.

Since the 1990’s, we’ve been globally aware that bee populations were in danger. Pesticide use is one of the leading causes of this decline in the presence of pollinators, and while there is much being done to raise awareness and change practices, we still have a long way to go before bees will be safe. And in order to support local pollinators, there are lots of kid-friendly things that families can do at home.

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