New Midwifery Medical Director at Cooley Dick

Tucker Kueny, MD Accepts Offer of Midwifery Medical Director Post

Cooley’s midwifery practice to progress at quicker pace; certified nurse midwife recruitment continues with a practice opening planned for June 2008.

Following a nationwide search to locate the medical director of Cooley Dickinson’s new midwifery program, the physician who accepted the post resides in Northampton, MA and was recommended by area women at one of the hospital’s community focus groups.  Read the rest of this entry »

Local Midwifery Program Plans Go Forward


In response to questions from the community, Acting CEO Carol Smith says “fit with this community is essential!”

Cooley Dickinson Hospital (Northampton, MA) has a longstanding commitment to providing a range of childbirth/women’s health services to Hampshire and Franklin residents, but since June, certified nurse midwife-assisted deliveries here have not been an option.

Cooley Dickinson Hospital’s Acting CEO Carol Smith, RN expects that to change shortly.

While Smith does not have an exact date of when the new midwifery program will be available to area women, she respectfully requests that community members continue to be patient.

“Many women are extremely frustrated, and rightfully so,” states Smith, citing feedback she has both heard from patients and read online. “We understand their frustration, but there are many aspects to developing a new health program that the public does not see, and that take a lot of time.”

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