Acts of Kindness: Adopt a Black Cat!

Defy Superstition and Practice Kindness: Adopt a Black Cat!

According to Puritan superstition, black cats carry with them demons and sorcery. The notoriety black cats have gained through this superstition has landed their silhouette on many a Halloween decoration, but otherwise, it hasn’t worked out well for them. And according to the superstitions of other cultures, black cats actually bring much more good than harm! Scottish folklore tells of black cats bringing prosperity to homes they visit, and British and Japanese folks are quite fond of black cats as well!

Statistically speaking, black cats and kittens don’t fare well at shelters. Rather than bringing bad luck, they actually tend to have some bad luck of their own and are the least adopted cats in US shelters year-round. There’s no definitive reason for why this is, but animal rescue organizations believe a combination of superstition, dark kennels, and the brightly colored coats of other cats could all be partially to blame.

This Halloween season, practice kindness by adopting a black cat from a local shelter! Families who are considering adding a new furry friend to their household should consider seeking out a black cat – they’ll offer all of the snuggles and playtime that come with cats of any other color, and you’ll be ensuring that they don’t spend excess time in a shelter waiting for a family or, even worse, euthanized.  Read the rest of this entry »

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