Book Clubs for Early Literacy and Lifelong Learning

Book Clubs for Early Literacy and Lifelong Learning

There are book clubs for people of every age and readers of every genre. Participation in a book club is almost always free, and library-hosted book clubs are sometimes able to provide copies of the book for members to check out.

For children and teens, book clubs are community-based opportunities that connect them with their peers while supporting their interests and nurturing a love for reading. And parents with young children can be a part of parent-child book clubs, allowing parents to share their love of reading with their children.

For adults and elders, joining or starting a book club is a highly effective way to keep the mind active while socializing and discussing literature. Book clubs give reading a new meaning, one with a social purpose and often times the reader might not otherwise select.

Book clubs make reading social, bringing together neighbors who might otherwise not meet, creating a shared history through shared interests.

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