Amazing Butterflies in Springfield All Summer!

Amazing Butterflies at the Springfield Museums
May 25-Sept 2nd, 2013

Amazing Butterflies is an interactive maze experience that allows visitors to explore the world of the butterfly and learn the surprising challenges butterflies face every day. Each station of the maze relates to a different phase of a butterfly’s life cycle, from a caterpillar to a dormant chrysalis and finally to a mature butterfly. As visitors make their way through the maze, they will also be introduced to some of the butterfly’s enemies and the challenges they face in finding food and a mate. Perhaps the most appealing aspect of Amazing Butterflies is that it is designed for both children and adults, allowing families to share in the enjoyment of learning together.

What do question marks, painted ladies, and mourning cloaks all have in common? They’re all things that can be found this summer at the Springfield Museums’ newest exhibit. And they’re all species of butterflies!

Opening on May 25th, Amazing Butterflies is an interactive and informative exhibit created for both children and adults. Created by The Natural History Museum in London in collaboration with Minotaur Mazes, Amazing Butterflies takes visitors on a maze-like journey through the lifecycle of a butterfly, following this insect from its first days as a caterpillar to its last days as a fluttering butterfly.

In conjunction with this interactive exhibit at the museums is a Butterfly House – an enclosure filled with numerous native species of live butterflies for visitors to see up close. There’s no better way to observe the colors and patterns of a butterfly’s wings than by having it land on a leaf or flower right next to you for close inspection!

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Discovering Clave: Afro-Cuban Rhythm

Following the Butterflies through Words and Rhythm

While on tour in Mexico, Mister G talks about how his bilingual song, “Señorita Mariposa” was inspired by the famous migration of the Monarch Butterfly to the state of Michoacan. He emphasizes how close observation of nature can become the jumping off point for new songs. Before performing “Señorita Mariposa,” Mister G demonstrates the traditional Afro-Cuban rhythm known as clave.

Mister G’s song “Senorita Mariposa” was inspired by the famous migration of the Monarch butterflies each winter to the Sierra Madre Mountains of Mexico. Like Mister G, the butterflies can’t stand freezing weather and so they fly south to a warmer climate. The butterflies return to the exact same tree every year, but they are increasingly in danger as developers cut down the forest in order for human development. To help protect the Monarch butterfly habitat, visit

“Senorita Mariposa” is a bilingual song, meaning that some of the lyrics are in Spanish and some are in English.  Mister G uses rhyming words throughout the song, such as “mariposa” and “hermosa.” Mariposa is the Spanish word for butterfly. Hermosa means beautiful, which makes good sense as the song is about a beautiful little butterfly. Curious to learn more Spanish words? Go to and type in any English word and the program will instantly translate.

The steady rhythm that plays throughout “Senorita Mariposa” is called clave. The clave rhythm is found in much traditional Afro-Cuban and Latin music and is played on two small pieces of wood called claves. Musicians from around the world have used clave, including the Beatles on their song, “And I Love Her.”

What to look forward to next month:

Next month in Under the Hat: How do tempo and dynamics affect mood in music? More than you might imagine! Playing examples from his songs, “Grilled Cheese” and “Mono en mis Manos” Mister G illustrates how tempo and dynamics are powerful tools used by songwriters to create different moods for the audience.


Mister G (Ben Gundersheimer) is an Amherst College graduate who spent 20 years as a singer/songwriter/producer in the adult music world prior to earning a Masters in Elementary Education at Smith College and transitioning to making music for children.  His most recent release, CHOCOLALALA, a collection of original, bilingual (Spanish/English) songs for children, won a Parents’ Choice Gold Award and is on the Grammy ballot for Best Children’s Album of 2012. A leading figure in the kids music world, Mister G’s 2011 bilingual release, BUGS garnered numerous national awards and was dubbed “irresistible” by People magazine.

Create a Butterfly for Batches of Butterflies

Batches of Butterflies
February 10 – May 30, 2009

HFVSLogo-Butterfly.jpgThe Eric Carle Museum in Amherst, MA invites friends, families, and schools throughout the country and abroad to create their own butterflies to flutter in the Museum. Celebrate the caterpillar, who for 40 years has crept into the hearts of millions of readers through his journey of hope from “a tiny and very hungry caterpillar” to a “beautiful butterfly.”

How it works:

  • Create your butterfly out of 8 ½ x 11 card stock
  • Design your butterfly using color, shape, and/or messages of hope
  • Mail to The Carle:
    Batches of Butterflies, The Eric Carle Museum, 125 West Bay Road, Amherst, MA 01002

All butterflies received by March 15, 2009 will flutter throughout our Great Hall from March 20 to May 31, 2009.

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