Parenting Green: Take Nature’s Lead

Go with the Flow

Have you ever had that moment, where something you’ve heard over and over again finally takes on a whole new meaning? I found that happening to me once before when observing my neighbors chickens for quite some time feeding in the yard, and truly understood what was meant to be called ‘a chicken.’ Well this moment was a similar embodiment of a saying found routed in nature that was really brought to life by engagement and observation.

On a recent vacation, my family was taking out some canoes and kayaks in a saltwater river that connected the bay side to the ocean side of Cape Cod. The direction of the current was dependent on high and low tide. If you timed it right you could ideally ride the current in one direction and wait for the tides to turn and then have the same ease in riding it back. The trip that we were journeying on this particular time was going to be a short exploration, so we figured it would be easier to ride the current at the end of the trip, so we headed upstream first. Read the rest of this entry »

Road Trip: Destination … Sandwich, MA

Heritage Museums and Gardens Celebrating the American Spirit

Heading to the Cape this summer?  The Heritage Museums & Gardens located in Sandwich, Massachusetts is worth checking out.

Heritage Museums & Gardens celebrates the American Spirit. The Museum fosters lifelong learning by preserving and sharing the history, industry, art and horticulture of America. They offer  a unique experience ranging from quiet contemplation to active exploration. Click here to check out what they have happening for kids and families.

Museums are open daily from 10am to 5pm through October 31.  For more information check out Heritage Museums and Gardens.

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