Buy Nothing Project: Creating a Sustainable Sharing and Caring Economy

Community Sharing Drives Ideals of Collaboration, Repurposing, Consumer Consideration and The Power of Networks

“The mission of the group really resonated with me,” says Northampton/Easthampton BNP volunteer administrator, Alyssa Pratt on why she got involved with BNP. “I really enjoy community building and I loved the idea of bringing people together through this very specific project. Also, as a volunteer admin, I really appreciate the thoughtful guidelines that are in place for all of the groups; they foster etiquette and kindness, and make my job much easier.”

Combinations of random acts of kindness and collaborative consumption are the foundation of caring economies like the Buy Nothing Project. The Buy Nothing Project is an international (yet still community-based) movement that not only promotes strong communities through kindness, sharing, and collaborative consumption, but promotes a low-impact, resilient, cost-saving lifestyle for folks of all ages.

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