Music Making Opportunties for Families in the Happy Valley

Mash Notes to Paradise by Sarah Werthan Buttenwieser

Note 25, The Hootenanny

I am not one of those “organized activity” parents. I am also not one to push my kids toward music lessons.

Well, that’s because 1) I’m not at all musical, and 2) I’m lazy and I don’t want to force my kids to practice. Actually, to be completely honest, not only do I loathe the idea of forcing my kids to practice an instrument, there are many instruments I would not want to hear being practiced upon if my kids were to actually practice. Let me start the list with violin and continue to trumpet. You can add your own fingernails-on-chalkboard instruments if you’d like.

This is just one of those things about myself I’ve accepted without guilt or remorse. Besides, my middle two guys are not about performing. That’s just the truth, especially the third one. His favorite thing to do with the limelight is hide from it (except, now, it turns out, if the limelight can be a vehicle to showcase yo-yo skills).

❥ Anyway, there are great resources for kids and music, though, in these parts…

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