Grassroots Diaper Drive to Support Families in Need

Spring Diaper Drive in Franklin County to Support Community

Host a Diaper Drive this spring in your place of work, faith community, neighborhood, school, civic organization, or any group you belong to. It is easy and a positive way to support families and a great way to incorporate service-based learning with your children.

Diapers matter in a big way!  The health and social consequences for babies and families who do not have sufficient diapers can lead to a whole mountain of problems. To help mothers and families in need, Spring Diaper Drives are being organized to benefit young children and families living in Franklin County.

Sponsored by the Perinatal Support Coalition and the Early Childhood Mental Health Roundtable, two groups of professionals from a range of organizations that serve young children and families, this Spring Diaper Drive can help “close the diaper gap” and help low incomes mothers and families meet their diaper needs… and organizers are looking for families who want to volunteer by organizing a diaper drive in their community to donate to the Spring Diaper Drive!

Reducing diaper need for low income mothers has huge ramifications for maternal and child health, mental health, the child’s development and school success, and the mother’s access to future economic opportunity.  Did you know that….  Read the rest of this entry »

Parenting Green: It’s Not What We Say, It’s What We Do!

Your One Thing

Every day we are challenged to be authentic. Authentic to ourselves, to community, and to our loved ones through our speech or actions. There is a tendency to alter our opinions in hopes that they will match others, or in efforts to not offend, or sometimes its skewed to diffuse tension. The goal is to be expressing honestly and receiving feedback empathetically. I am about to tell a story that touched me so single pointedly around my authentic self and my values. I got a soaring feeling in my heart when it happened and I knew that it aligned with my intentions completely, though I hesitated to share it. I was concerned other people would feel guilty or ashamed if they didn’t care about this one thing to the same degree as I did. I wanted to avoid potentially hurting or alienating myself in the parenting community. What I realized in validating that assumption was that I wasn’t being authentic to myself and I was playing party to the ‘what if’s.’ If we are coveted or fear-based about what we truly are and how we express then we are teaching confusion of opinion and identity to our children.

So here it goes… Read the rest of this entry »

Q&A: Are Your Kids Still in Diapers? What Do They Swim In?


The options for reusable swimming diapers are numerous: Bummis Swimmis, Imse Vimse Swim Diaper, iPlay Swim Diapers and Kushies Reusable Swim Diaper are recommended by Western MA parents.

Are your kids still in diapers? What do they swim in?

  • Carrie Snyder writes, “We use the Bummis Swimmis reusable diaper!”
  • Diane Hinze Kanzler writes, “We used Imse Vimse Swim Diaper. Awesome.”
  • Nancyjo Craig Rongner writes, “Yes, but 60% potty learned. I love the iPlay Swim Diapers. They hold up really well and are adorable. Also, there are suits out there with built in swim diapers. We have also used a bum genius diaper when we were in a pinch! I think Cradle, Whole Foods, and A Child’s Garden all have reusable options.”
  • Sara Barry writes, “Bathing suit with a built in swim diaper or a cloth swim diaper from One Step Ahead (got it last year on clearance).”
  • Heather Richardson writes, “Reusable swim diaper.”
  • Natasha Anderson writes, “iPlay Swim Diaper… in a fun Hawaiian print!”
  • Lauren Koblara Kostantin writes,Imse Vimse Swim Diaper!”
  • Dawn Klein writes,Little Swimmers.”
  • Jennifer Shiao Page writes, “At home: nothing at all! Out and about: Kushies Reusable Swim Diaper under a one-piece suit.”
  • Karen Jaiclin writes, “Usually disposable swim diapers, but we just got them some swimsuits from One Step Ahead with built-in swim diapers. I like the idea of creating less waste, but I’m kind of afraid of what would happen if they actually pooped in one at the beach, though. Also not sure if others would give me the stink eye at a public pool for ‘not having them in swim diapers.'”
  • Jessica Montalino writes, “My 18 month old son uses Mother-Ease Swim Diapers. I love that they have snaps on both sides for easy on and off, and they’ve held in the poop really well on many occasions, but don’t fill up with water like other kinds I’ve used.”

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