Giveaway: Top 11 Family Music CD Releases from 2012

Music Collection Giveaway:
Top 11 Family Music CD Releases from 2012

We’re giving away an amazing CD collection of our top 11 family albums released this past year. Find out how you can enter to win this entire collection below. Deadline to enter is: Jan 19, 2013 by 11:59pm (EST).

Last month the winners of the Fids & Kamily Music Awards were announced, with a stellar list of new CDs released this past year!

Launched in 2006 and inspired by the Village Voice’s long-running “Pazz and Jop” music poll, the Fids & Kamily Music Awards poll is the first compilation of year-end kids and family music “best of” lists from critics, writers, radio programmers, and others involved in the music industry. Fifteen favorites are selected from outstanding releases, along with five honorable mentions, including kids and family albums from mainstream/adult artists, seasoned kindie artists and some fantastic newcomers!

For the sixth year in a row, Hilltown Families has participated as a judge for the Fids & Kamily Music Awards.  Check out the winners at and be sure to add some of these winners to your family music collection.

To start off the new year, Hilltown Families is giving away a collection of eleven CDs of family music released this past year.  Several are winners of the Fids & Kamily Music Awards, and several others are releases we voted for and think are a must for your family music collection! Find out how you can enter to win this entire collection below.  Deadline to enter is: Jan 19, 2013 by 11:59pm (EST).

Can You Canoe? — The Okee Dokee Brothers

Vote as the best family album of the year in the 2012 Fids & Kamily Music Awards, this album highlights a month-long journey Joe and Justin of The Okee Dokee Brothers spent traveling down the Mississippi River.  During their trip they composed songs that make up this award-winning album.  Special guests include Garth Hudson (The Band), Elizabeth Mitchell (Your Are My Flower) and Morgan Taylor & Rachel Loshak (Gustafer Yellowgold), and includes a DVD with music videos and footage from their trip.  Joe and Justin guest DJed the Hilltown Family Variety Show in June this past year.  Listen to the podcast and check out a few cuts from their new album along with tunes from other artist they selected, and one of their videos: HFVS Guest DJ, Joe & Justin of The Okee Dokee Brothers Episode (Radio Show/Podcast)

Science Fair Spare the Rock Records

In 2010, in response to the devastating earthquake in Haiti, Spare the Rock Records put out the award winning compilation album, Many Hands: Family Music for Haiti, raising over $50,000 for Haitian relief! This past year they did it again with the amazing compilation CD, Science Fair, raising money for Girls Inc.’s work for science education for girls.  Placing second in this year’s Fids & Kamily Music Awards, Science Fair features exclusive tracks from Mates of State, Laura Veirs, Elizabeth Mitchell, Frances England and many others!

Blue Clouds  Elizabeth Mitchell & You Are My Flower

Released by Smithsonian Folkway Recordings, Blue Clouds placed fifth this year in the Fids & Kamily Music Awards.  Putting a contemporary touch to traditional folk songs, and using simple arrangements to rework classic rock songs by Bowie, Hendrix, Morrison and others into folks songs, Mitchell has complied a new album that is already a classic!

Mr Diddie Wah Diddie  Randy Kaplan

This past summer Randy Kaplan guest DJed the Hilltown Family Variety Show, spinning songs by bluegrass, folk, calypso, and broadway masters, alongside cuts from his new country-blues and ragtime CD, Mr. Diddie Wah Diddie.  Placing seventh in the Fids & Kamily Music Awards, Randy Kaplan’s newest CD, Mr. Diddie Wah Diddie, pays tribute to America’s blues masters on an album with rollicking lyrics the kids will love!  Listen to the podcast and get a glimpse into Randy’s new album and check out his video, “Ice Cream Man Rag.”: HFVS Guest DJ, Randy Kaplan Episode (Radio Show/Podcast)

Invisible Friends  Dog on Fleas

Ranging in style from Afro-pop to 60’s soul, Tin Pan Alley to bossa nova, Invisible Friends is an album the entire family can enjoy on road trips or Sunday morning PJ dance parties in the kitchen.  Lead singer Dean Jones guest DJed the Hilltown Family Variety Show this summer, pulling together a show that featured a few cuts from Invisible Friends interlaced with music from other kindie and mainstream artists.  Give a listen to the podcast to sample a few songs on this award winning album (ranking eighth on the Fids & Kamily Music Awards!): HFVS Guest DJ, Dean Jones Episode (Radio Show/Podcast)

Family Values  Charity & the Jamband

We can’t speak highly enough of Charity & the Jamband!  As Hilltown Families number one pick for the year, Family Values is a album that celebrates family and community.  Understanding that all things peaceful must first start in our own hearts and homes before moving out into our community, Charity Kahn has crafted songs that are intelligent and from the heart.  She tells stories set to music that is funky, with grooves and lyrics that talk up to kids and their grown ups!  Charity has guest DJed the Hilltown Family Variety Show many times. This past Thanksgiving, through music and story, Charity explored some of the many things we have to be grateful for in our lives, including songs from this new album.  Give a listen to the podcast anytime: HFVS Thanksgiving Episode with Guest DJ, Charity Kahn (Radio Show/Podcast)

Can’t Wait  Grenadilla

“Layered voices textured with Kwela flavored rhythms, up-beat melodies, a touch of Cape Town Jive and a hint of the blues,” is how Grenadilla describes their newest release, Can’t Wait.  This past spring Debbie Lan from Grenadilla guest DJed the Hilltown Family Variety Show, putting together a show with music from South Africa, including songs off of this new CD.  Get a glimpse by listening to the podcast: HFVS Music from South Africa with Guest DJ, Debbie Lan (Radio Show/Podcast)

Chocolalala  Mister G

Hilltown Families Contributing Writer, Mister G, put out another excellent CD this year, Chocolalala. This new collection of original bilingual songs spans musical genres… from bossa nova to ska, funk to folk, rap to pop.  Songs that are educational teach young listeners basic concepts while engaging adults with captivating Latin rhythms.  In his monthly vlog on Hilltown Families, “Under the Hat: Independent Music Education,” Mister G goes a step further with his music, taking viewers into the backstory of songs released on this award-winning CD, and insight to the process of music making.  Check out his column to see his vlog: Under the Hat: Independent Music Education.

The Hero in You  Ellis Paul

Known for his deeply felt and socially conscious songwriting, often about heroes, Ellis Paul was inspired by his two daughters to write about people who contributed something to their world.  The result… The Hero in YouHeroes featured on this educational CD include both well known and little know heroes. “These people did amazing things, but they can also inspire young people today to go out and do something out of the ordinary to become the heroes of their own lives,” explains Ellis Paul about this new release.  Last winter Ellis guest DJed the Hilltown Family Variety Show, including songs from this new album. Check out the podcast to get a sample of songs: HFVS Guest DJ, Ellis Paul Episode (Radio Show/Podcast)

Love is a Superpower  Ben Rudnick & Friends

We’ve loved Ben Rudnick & Friends since the beginning!  Hailed as a founding member of the modern family music scene, Ben Rudnick & Friends continues to be a beloved band all family members will enjoy with their tenth release of Love is a Superpower.  The band is good, really good… carving out their own unique music style that blends neo-western swing, bluegrass, folk music and flavors of rock. High quality musicianship seeps out slowly and steadily with each song, mixed with catching lyrics to which Ben Rudnick’s vocals bring wit and charm.  In the late summer, Ben guest DJed the Hilltown Family Variety Show, bringing us a show all about love, including cuts off of this new album.  Here’s the podcast and video to get a sample of this new CD: HFVS Love Episode with Guest DJ, Ben Rudnick (Radio Show/Podcast)

Middle of Nowhere  Elska

Receiving an honorable mention in the Fids and Kamily Music Awards, Elska is a newcomer to the kindie music scene.  Elska is a fictional character living on a newly formed Arctic island where explorations are set against playful modern music and the delicate voice of Shelly Wollert.  Songs like “Arctic Fox,” “Midnight Sun in the Arctic,” and “Winter Bear” tell stories of Elska on this new island and what she discovers.


Hilltown Families has been serving Western MA since 2005 as a grassroots communication network! Being able to share community building events, community based educational opportunities, and community service experiences over the years, along with terrific music that brings families and the community together is song, has been a great honor! Share with us your wishes for the next year(s) and be entered to win this fantastic family music collection of 11 CD’s released this past year. To enter for a chance to win simply:

  • POST YOUR WISHES FOR A NEW YEAR AS OUTLINED ABOVE IN THE FIELDS BELOW (one entry per household) and be sure to tell us your
  • FULL NAME (first/last) and where you
  • LIVE (TOWN/STATE) must include your town to be eligible.
  • ACCURATE EMAIL (we never share your email address).
  • PLEASE CONSIDER SHARING ON FACEBOOK by selecting the Facebook icon below.
  • We’ll randomly draw a winner and will share the results below.

IT’S THAT SIMPLE! — Deadline to enter for a chance to win is: Jan 19, 2013 by 11:59pm.

HFVS Guest DJ, Dean Jones Episode (Radio Show/Podcast)

Listen to Podcast:

Dean Jones Guest DJ
from Dog on Fleas

Saturday from 9-10am & Sunday from 7-8am
July 14th & 15th, 2012
WXOJ LP – 103.3 FM – Valley Free Radio
Northampton, MA

Featured Video: From the new Dog on Fleas CD, Invisible Friends, here is a wacky video by Wayne Montecalvo. No sock puppets were injured in the making of this video! –

PodcastsRadio Archives Subscribe Myspace Facebook Twitter


  • Dog on Fleas – There’s a Band in My Head (Invisible Friends)
  • Alash – Yrlaazhyyly (Buura)
  • Tom Ze – Um “oh” e um “ah” (The Best of)
  • Trouble Funk – Let’s Get Small (E Flat Boogie)
  • Regina Spektor – On the Radio (Begin to Hope)
  • For Sale by Owner Orchestra – Pump Flutes
  • Laura Veirs – Little Black Rock (Science Fair)
  • Clarence “Frogman” Henry – Ain’t Got No Home (The Cosimo Matassa Story)
  • Story Laurie – Bathtub Waltz (Groovin’ in the Garden)
  • Lord Intruder-  Zombie Jamboree (Muriel’s Treasure)
  • Dog on Fleas- Invisible Friends (Invisible Friends)
  • Laurie Anderson –Sharkey’s Day (Mr Heartbreak)
  • Woody Phillips – Spinning Song (Toolbox Classics)
  • Dog on Fleas- Charm them Birdies (Invisible Friends)
  • Small Faces – What Cha Gonna Do About it? (Small Faces)
  • Elska – Arctic Fox (Middle of Nowhere)
  • Manu Dibango – Soul Makossa (The Very Best of)
  • Dre Towey – Three Little Fishies (Chester Releashed)
  • Uncle Rock – Secret Spaceman (The Big Picture)

Locally Produced Family CD to Benefit Haiti

Many Hands: Family Music for Haiti
Locally Produced by Spare the Rock Records

Hilltown Families friends Bill Childs and Dean Jones have joined forces to produce "Many Hands," a locally produced CD of family music to benefit the Haitian People’s Support Project. This forthcoming CD will feature new music from Dan Zanes, Pete Seeger, Elizabeth Mitchell, They Might Be Giants and many more. National release date: Aug. 10th, 2010.

With a national release on August 10th, Many Hands: Family Music for Haiti is the first release from Spare the Rock Records, based out of Western MA.  This unique collection of songs is filled with uplifting messages from some of today’s very best family musicians.

After the January 12th, 2010 earthquake that destroyed much of the Haitian capital, family musician Dean Jones (Dog on Fleas) found himself feeling helpless and desperately wanting to help the people of Haiti. Having close friends in Haiti and feeling a deep love and respect for the music from the region, Jones felt the need to create something that could help the ongoing rebuilding effort.

The idea for Many Hands came to him in the middle of the night and the very next day several of his fellow family musicians signed on. “When I had the idea for the ‘Many Hands’ CD, I knew without a doubt that I could count on the big-hearted kindie community.” said Jones. “The generosity and the amazing work of all the musicians and everyone involved definitely exceeded my initial expectations.”

Almost all of the tracks on the album are previously unreleased, most of them recorded especially for this release. The gathering of artists featured here is a strong assortment of the unique and special talents creating and performing for today’s all ages audiences, from the legendary Pete Seeger to family hip-hop star Secret Agent 23 Skidoo. In addition, everyone involved in the process of getting this album out into the world from replication to distribution has also either drastically discounted or donated their services. Proceeds from this release will benefit the Haitian People’s Support Project and their long-standing work to help the people of Haiti.

Many Hands will be released as the debut album of Spare the Rock Records founded by kindie rock connoisseur Bill Childs. “After speaking with Dean it was immediately obvious to me that this would be a great record, and, just as importantly, that it would have the potential to help keep people’s attention on the ongoing recovery of Haiti,” recalls Childs on how the partnership came to fruition. “Dean asked for some help reaching out to a few artists, and that just naturally flowed into my helping the record get a wider release; ultimately, that meant starting a label.” Childs produces, with his kids, the weekly radio show Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child which airs every Saturday on 103.3FM Valley Free Radio from 7-9am, and 93.9FM The River from 8-10am. Bill also writes about kids’ music for Hilltown Families and various parenting magazines,  has produced numerous kids’ concerts and is the co founder of KindieFest, the family music conference.

Musicians include on the CD include: Dan Zanes, Pete Seeger, Elizabeth Mitchell, They Might be Giants, Gustafer YellowgoldCaspar Babypants, Frances England, Dog on Fleas, Lunch Money, Baby Gramps, Recess Monkey, The Deedle Deedle Dees, Rani Arbo and daisy mayhem, Bonga and the Vodou Drums of Haiti, Secret Agent 23 Skidoo, Jonathan Coulton, Uncle Rock, Grenadilla, Dean Jones, Emily Curtis, Randy Kaplan, and Jerrice Baptiste. – CD release shows are planned on both coasts, with details available at

Suggested Events 11/22/08-11/28/08

Dean Jones from Dog on Fleas.  Performing this Saturday at 2pm in Northampton at the Northampton Community Music Center. Tickets are only $5 each!

Dog on Fleas performing this Saturday at 2pm in Northampton at the Northampton Community Music Center. Tickets are only $5 each!


If you have a family-friendly event or educational program happening in Western Massachusetts that you’d like to let us know about, post your event on our “Suggest An Event” page.

Suggest an Event | Local Forecast | Get Directions | Free Museum Passes | School Closings and Delays | Family Centers (Ages 0-4) | Facebook


The fabulous Dog on Fleas will be performing this Saturday at 2pm in Northampton at Northampton Community Music Center, and it’s a bargin, $5 per person!  DOF have a new CD out which you can win by posting a comment here.  I’ve posted a photo here of Dean Jones from DOF from their Clearwater Performance in ’07.  A well rounded musician and great band that your whole family will love!  Hope to see you there.

Saturday – 11/22

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HFVS Music Giveaway: Dog on Fleas

Dog On Fleas: Beautiful World

Win this CD!

Dog on Fleas - Beautiful World

We’re big fans of Dog on Fleas and are very excited to have received their newest CD, Beautiful World. Added bonus … They will be doing a live concert this Saturday (11/22/08) at 2pm at the Northampton Community Music Center … grab the kids and go!

They were in our area this summer and Dean & John were Guest DJ’s on HFVS.  We’ll be airing that show again this Saturday  in case you missed it this summer, so tune in to 103.3FM from 9-10am.  You can hear what was their world premiere of “It’s a Ruse.”


Win a copy of Dog on Fleas brand-spanking new CD, Beautiful World.   It is an adventurous album, with it’s own beautiful world view, that will give you joy, hope, some new dance moves, and songs that will stick in your head for the next 10 years. Musical saws, piccolo, trombone, saxes, Udu drums, and Moog keyboards augment the drums, bass, guitar, and spirited vocals of the band.

Beautiful World is a change in directions in some ways, and also a continuation of the Fleas’ ever-expanding world. The title song and “Birds of a Feather” come from Dean and John’s old band, the For Sale by Owner Orchestra. That band was very theatrical and experimental, with all 10 members playing toys, instruments they didn’t know how to play, and non-instruments. For Sale by Owner members Melissa Wood and Otto Kentrol make guest appearances on Beautiful World. The Fleas also enlist Frances England to sing on the CD’s final song, “Babies,” a love song to all the babies of the world.  Beautiful World is really, really full of love, in many forms. “Lima Bean,” sung by the one and only Lorette Velvette (and with Uncle Rock too), is a love story about a lima bean and her friend Slug. “I Love Your Accent” features friends of the Fleas from all over the world. “Water Planet” is sung by aliens expressing their love for our watery planet. In fact, most of the songs are full of love, if you just dig in to find it.


Your chance to win this new CD is as easy as 1-2-3 (4)! To win simply

  1. POST A COMMENT BELOW and be sure to tell us your
  2. NAME and where you
  3. LIVE (TOWN/STATE) PLEASE include your town and state to be eligible. We’ll randomly draw a winner from those who leave a comment (along with their name and town/state) and contact the winner via email, so be sure to leave an
  4. ACCURATE EMAIL (we never share your email address).

IT’S THAT SIMPLE! — Deadline is Wednesday, 11/26/08 @ 7pm (EST).


Thanks for participating and please email us your mailing address (

Upcoming Family Concerts in Northampton

Upcoming Family Concerts in Northampton
By Bill Childs, HF Contributing Writer

Hey! Don’t forget! This Saturday, 2:00, it’s Aric Bieganek‘s CD release show benefiting the Northampton Community Music Center! Just $5, and every penny goes to the scholarship fund at NCMC.

The Daily Hampshire Gazette calls Aric “the Jack Black of kids’ music,” and here’s your chance to find out why. His lyrics are clever, his songs catchy, and his shows irresistible, and you can be among the first to hear some of the songs on his new kids’ release, “Bright Lights, Big Kitty”!

Some other great shows coming up (all are on that calendar over to the right, too):

Sunday, Nov. 9, 4:00 pm – Secret Agent 23 Skidoo brings positive hip hop for kids to Northampton! Lyman Hall, First Churches (enter across from the Iron Horse). $7 at the door. 23 Skidoo will be on the radio show this coming Saturday, with the world premiere of a song done with Egg.

Saturday, Nov. 22, 2:00 pm – Dog on Fleas plays the second in our series at NCMC, again benefiting the scholarship fund. $5.

Saturday, Jan. 17, 2:00 pm – Uncle Rock makes his triumphant return to Northampton with the third show in our NCMC benefit series. $5.

Saturday, February 21, 2:00 pm – Elizabeth Mitchell finishes up the series at NCMC. I cannot express how excited I am about this show; we’ve been trying to set something up with Elizabeth Mitchell since we started the show. You. Must. Go. $5.

Bill Childs & Ella

Bill Childs

Bill teaches law school by day in Springfield. With his kids, he produces a radio show for kids, Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child, which airs on Saturday mornings on 93.9 The River (7-9 AM, 101.5 in Brattleboro) and 103.3 Valley Free Radio (7-9 AM). He’s also a columnist for regional parenting magazines, covers music for Parenting magazine, and is a bi-monthly contributing writer to Hilltown Families. Contact him at

Dog of Fleas Guest DJ Episode on HFVS


Dog on Fleas Fan at the Clearwater Music Festival

Photo credit: Sienna Wildfield


Dog on Fleas Guest DJ Episode
with Dean Jones & John Hughes

WXOJ LP – 103.3 FM – Valley Free Radio
Northampton, MA
Saturday mornings from 9-10am

06/21/08 PLAYLIST

listen now | request a song | subscribe to free podcast
archived shows | contests | myspace

  • Michael Hurley – “Monkey on the Interstate” [Long Journey]
  • Charlie Palmieri – “Con la Punta del Pie Theresa”
  • Mike Seeger – “Honeycutt’s Holler” [True Vine]
  • Marvin Pontiac – “Little Fly”
  • Screamin’ Jay Hawkins – “Frenzy”
  • Slim Gaillard – “Serenade to a Poodle”
  • Dog on Fleas – “Beach Song” [Live in Studio on HFVS]
  • Dean Jones – “Grow Little Flower” [Napper’s Delight]
  • Miriam Makeba – “Naughty Little Flea”
  • Storytelling ID: Steve Weeks
  • The Kinks – “Wonderboy” [Something Else by the Kinks]
  • Frances England – “Up a Tree” [Family Tree]
  • Fats Domino – “I’m Walkin’”
  • Dog on Fleas – “Ridin’ on a Pony” [When I Get Little]
  • Dog on Fleas – “It’s a Ruse” [Live in Studio on HFVS]
  • Tom Ze – “Um ‘oh’ e um ‘ah'”
  • Lunch Money – “Animal Friends” [Silly Reflections]
  • Goran Bregovic – “Polizia Molto Arrabiata” [Songs and Tales from Weddings and Funerals

Big thanks to Dean and John for stopping by the studio and hosting the HFVS as our guest DJ’s with my daughter, HFVS co-host. Their playlist was fun and sassy, along with a couple of live songs in the studio, including the world premiere of “It’s a Ruse.” These guys were a lot of fun and we look forward to their return to the Pioneer Valley for another family performance! In the meantime, visit them online at

Suggested Events 05/31/08-06/06/08

Spring Festivals Are Blooming!

Spring festivals bloom this time of year and are always great fun to take the family to. A couple of weeks ago the Hilltown Spring Festival celebrated life in the Hilltowns, and this past weekend the Sheep & Woolcraft Festival celebrated its 33rd year at the Cummington Fair Grounds. And this weekend there are a couple of fairs and festivals worth checking out too:


On Saturday (05/31/08) in Ashfield, MA, the Ashfield Community Preschool will be celebrating spring with a May Fair and Family Concert. The fair begins at 10am with Maypole dancing, a fairy forest, baby animals barnyard, crafts, food and music! The Nields will be performing an outdoor family concert beginning at 1:30pm (>$) and Lady May will be roaming the grounds to greet visitors in her magic cloak. HF Listerv members Geri & Mark Pollard of Bread Euphoria will be serving up pizza and their organic baked goods. (POSTPONED DUE TO WEATHER & ILLNESS)


Earlier on Saturday, HF Listerv members Helen Kahn (Cup & Top) & Bill Childs (Spare the Rock) will be hosting/presenting Dog on Fleas at Cup and Top in Florence. And it’s FREE! Dog on Fleas is a great band. So between The Nields at 1:30pm and DOF at 10am, and The Nields AGAIN on Sunday (see below), families are RICH with great family music events.


Another Spring Festival happening this weekend worth mentioning is the Cultural Survival Bazaar happening all weekend long on the Amherst Commons. We went last year and loved it (plus, it’s free!). Great music, food and crafts! Here are some photos we took at last year’s festival:

[rockyou id=72112182&w=256&h=192]


If you have a family-friendly event or educational program happening in Western Massachusetts that you’d like to let us know about, post your event on our “Suggest An Event” page.

Suggest an Event | Local forecast | Get directions | Museum Passes | Farmer’s Market | Family Centers (Ages 0-4)

Events Happening in the Hilltowns
The following key represents the sum cost of one adult and one child:(>$) Under $10; ($) Between $10-$19; ($$) Between $20-$44; ($$$) Over $45

Saturday – 05/31

7am – 9am – FAMILY RADIO – (Air Waves) Are you prepared to rock?! Join Bill & Ella on Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child every Saturday on The River 93.9FM (101.5FM in Brattleboro), or 103.3 FM WXOJ-LP to hear two hours of quality family-friendly music. [All ages] (Free) LINK

9am-10am – FAMILY RADIO & STORYTELLING – (Air Waves) Join our Hilltown Family! Spend a little time with The Hilltown Family Variety Show every Saturday on WXOJ-LP 103.3FM to hear a full hour of commercial-free, quality family-friendly music and storytelling. [Families] (Free) LINK

9:30am-4:30pm – HISTORIC COOKING – (Deerfield) Open Hearth Cooking Demonstrations at the Historic Deerfield Hall Tavern Kitchen. All are invited to experience the sights, sounds, and aromas of hearth cooking while learning about colonial foods and diet. Visitors can also see what’s growing when they visit the Cooks’ Garden dedicated to the memory of Margaret Quinn Orloske. Demonstrations are included with general admission. 413.775.7214 [All Ages] (Free with museum pass. Borrow a museum pass from your local library.) LINK

10am – FAMILY CONCERT – (Florence) Dog on Fleas will be at Cup and Top. [Families] (Free) MORE INFO

10am – MAY FAIR & FAMILY CONCERT – (Ashfield) At the Ashfield Community Preschool. Maypole dancing, fairy forest, barnyard, crafts, music, food, and more. The Nields will be doing a family concert at 1:30pm. [Families] (Fundraiser) (POSTPONED DUE TO WEATHER & ILLNESS)

10am-6am – CULTURAL FESTIVAL – (Amherst) Cultural Survival’s 3rd Annual Amherst Common Bazaar [All Ages] MORE INFO

10:30am-11:30pm – SIGN LANGUAGE – (Greenfield) REACH Program will be offering sign language classes at the Greenfield YMCA. [Adults] (Free) MORE INFO

Noon-4pm – HISTORIC FLOWERS – (Deerfield) May Flowers at the Historic Deerfield Museum. In this family friendly history workshop visitors can learn about the many meanings and uses of flowers in the past. A printed “flower expedition” will have guests seeking blossoms hidden in wallpaper designs, clothing, ceramics, and more in our historic houses and in the Flynt Center of Early New England Life. Children and adults alike can make a nosegay of decorative paper flowers to take home. Workshop is included with general admission. 413.775.7214 [All Ages] (Free with museum pass. Borrow a museum pass from your local library.) LINK

3pm – BACKYARD BARNYARD – (Northampton) Learn how your family can keep chickens at the Forbes Library. [Adults] (Free) MORE INFO

4pm – 5:50pm – ICE SKATING – (Amherst) There will be a public skate at the Mullins Center Ice Rink. Skate rentals available. 413.545.3990 [Families] ($) LINK

6pm – DANCING & ART – (Shelburne) Art Bridge will be hosting a spring dance and art-making party. It’s a potluck. Bring the family. [Families] ($) MORE INFO

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