Parenting vs. Pestering: Keeping Teens Drug-Free

A “Posh” Life

If you are an entertainment junkie as I am, you might have seen or heard about Demi Moore’s fateful night a few weeks ago. According to a released 911 call and several reports, the gorgeous movie star allegedly smoked an unknown “but legal” substance that caused her to go into convulsions. When asked about the report on a red carpet somewhere where I was not and probably will never be (but I digress), George Clooney chastised the media release of the 911 tapes for going too far and prying into a human’s private life. But I disagree with him. (Yes Mr. Clooney even with all your suave, debonair, handsomeness I won’t be swayed when it comes to this. But I could be swayed in other ways………….) Um…WHERE was I? OH Demi! Yes.

Apparently the substance that Demi was smoking at a party (that her daughter was also attending I might add), was called “POSH.” When Giuliana Rancic, E’s reporter, uttered this word my husband, who usually is uber bored with my E Entertainment News obsession, sat straight up and began shaking his head in a disgusted way vigorously. The attention to the story puzzled me and I assumed it was because, well, Demi Moore in all her brunetty-rockin-body way is EXACTLY his type. But it wasn’t that at all…it was that he somehow agreed with me in my disagreement with Clooney’s protestation.

“I am glad that they released the tapes.” He uttered.

“You are?” I asked incredulously.

“Yes, it is about time that Posh gets some kind of media attention. You have no idea how rampant it is at school and since it is legal there isn’t really anything administrators can do about it.”

My husband is currently interning as a vice principal in a local middle school. Recently a student was caught smoking this “Posh” substance in the bathroom. When he was confronted about it in the main office, the red-eyed student was higher than a kite. He couldn’t contain his laughing, nor was he able to make eye contact with anyone or any object. Being as high as he was actually turned out to be an advantage to my husband and the other administrators because the boy was willing to say whatever and willingly give them the contents of his pockets. Here is what he handed over to the principal. Be sure to study it because what you are looking upon is quickly becoming an epidemic amongst teens for several reasons:

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