Comics & Role-Playing Gaming Promote Creativity & Storytelling for Teens

Comics & Role-Playing Gaming Promote Creativity & Storytelling for Teens

Serving as a continuation of innate childhood creativity, comics and role-playing games offer maturing tweens and teens the opportunity to exercise imagination and creativity within complex structures. Comics challenge readers’ ability to combine textual and visual elements for understanding, while role-playing games challenge players by containing creative story-telling to a pre-existing structure. Families can utilize a handful of community resources to pursue these interests!

As children grow and move through the early stages of human development, their innate creativity runs wild, allowing their imaginations to know no bounds. Children are expert storytellers and clever artists. But sometimes this creativity gets lost as children move towards the adolescence and early adulthood – as children mature, they sometimes outgrow the creative outlets that they once enjoyed.

Serving as filler for the hole created by the outgrowing of childhood creativity are comics and role-playing games, both of which serve as a more complex form of creative storytelling for older children, teens, and adults. Comics and role-playing games touch upon the fantasy-driven storytelling that is a hallmark of childhood, but put this practice into a much more sophisticated structure. Comics offer complex stories that weave real-life with fantasy in engaging narratives in a format that uses both textual and visual elements – making them appealing to and engaging for creative readers. Readers of comic books (and their graphic novel cousins) not only read words, but take cues from the visual elements included – engaging their abilities to comprehend language and visual cues simultaneously.  Read the rest of this entry »

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