Spring on Shaker Farm Comes Alive with Baby Animals

Hancock Shaker Village Celebrates Spring with New Life

Celebrate spring with baby animals at Hancock Shaker Village! The historic village opens for the season with a barn filled with new babies for visitors to welcome to the world. Families can take behind-the-scenes tours of the farm and learn about the village’s history and unique architecture, too!

Spring has come to Hancock Shaker Village in all its glory, bringing with it baby animals of all shapes and sizes! Opening for the season after months of snowy and frigid weather, the historic Shaker village is offering visitors the chance to celebrate the coming of spring by visiting with the farm animals’ new babies – chicks, lambs, piglets, and more!

Hancock Shaker Village’s first day of the season will be Saturday, April 11th, 2015, and families can pat, snuggle, and gaze longingly at the young creatures in the village’s historic 1826 round stone barn. A unique structure, the barn was once home to 52 dairy cows in the village’s heyday and, though it has been restored since, it remains a prominent structure within the village. Families will not only delight in visiting the baby animals, but will marvel at the unique structure’s materials and design both inside and out!

In addition to baby animals and a spring-y landscape, families can enjoy special Behind-the-Scenes farm tours at 11am and 1pm, where interpreters will lead families on an exploration of the village’s Field and Forest Trail to see beehives, composters, orchards, greenhouses, and pasture land. Fun and informative for children of all ages, the tour will give visitors a look at the farm’s inner workings and the cyclical nature of farm life. Exploring the greenhouses provides a glimpse of newly sprouted seedlings, beehives teach about pollination, and composters illustrate the final stop for bits of plants and vegetables.  Read the rest of this entry »

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