Expressing Appreciation to Teachers & Administrators as the School Year Draws to an End

End of the School Year Gratitude & Appreciation

Do you have suggestions on gifts to give teachers and administrators to thank them for the past school year? Add your ideas to our reader recommend list!

End of the school year is fast approaching and many families are looking for creative ways to express their gratitude of the teachers and administrators that educate and support their children throughout the school year!

Gift ideas can range from making something from scratch in your kitchen, to pairing up store bought sweets for a fun association that expresses your appreciation, to a summer themed gift basket for enjoying their time off, or a clever presentation of a gift card. Check out these terrific ideas!

As always, Hilltown Families’ readers are a great resource for ideas! Take a look at their recommendations shared in our post, End of the Year Teacher Appreciation Gifts, get inspired, and share your own ideas too!

Q&A: End of the Year Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Question and Answer

Gift card to local coffee shops and cafés are often appreciated by teachers. Click on the photo to see a list of recommended coffee shops in Western MA. (Photo credit: Sienna Wildfield)

End of the school year is fast approaching! Any suggestions on gifts to give teachers and administrators to thank them for the past school year?

  • John Heffernan writes: “Speaking as a teacher, I love gift cards…”
  • Amanda Saklad writes: “Dunkin Donuts giftcards… I haven’t met a teacher yet that doesn’t drink coffee.”
  • Dawn Klein writes: “As a teacher, I second the DD gift cards!”
  • Joshua Farber writes: “Third!”
  • Robin Morgan Huntley writes: “Gift cards to local cafes are great too… They’ll still get coffee (etc.) and it supports the community too!”
  • Amy Meltzer writes: “As an elementary teacher, I appreciate something made by the child or a letter written by the parent. But as a coffee drinker, I’d prefer almost any cafe (Starbucks, something local) to Dunkin Donuts coffee.”
  • Carrie St John writes: “Check first. Bridge Street School in Northampton has a no personal gift policy but you can donate items needed for the classroom.”
  • Amanda Saklad writes: “The state itself caps individual gifts at $50.”
  • Dawn Klein writes: “A desk calendar for next year, a gift card to a book store, or a gift card to a coffee shop.”
  • Katie Malone-Smith writes: “I (teacher) would love gift certificates to : the movies, the spa, restaurants.”
  • Dawn Klein writes: “Beach supplies or a letter expressing gratitude.”
  • Jody Hadden writes: “I always try to do different things. Last year I did an ice cream theme-bowls, scoops, toppings and gift certificates for ice cream places. The year before I did beach theme- beach bags filled with beach towels, sun block, spray fans, and water bottles. This year I’m thinking of maybe a gardening theme or a spa theme. And these things didn’t have to be expensive… try your local dollar store. And I have received great responses and I make my child help come up with the themes and pick items to put in along with personal thank you notes.”

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