Annual Geography and Science Expo Invites Self-Directed Studies of World History, Culture, and Science

Annual Geography and Science Expo Invites Self-Directed Studies of World History, Culture, and Science

The Annual Geography and Science Expo is an inter-generational geography fair featuring the work of students from all school choices throughout Berkshire County and beyond. It’s free to participate and open to all, taking place every Spring in central Berkshire County. Want to participate? Pick your country, state or region, sign up, and get busy studying and preparing your presentation! Sign up details below.

Where in western Massachusetts can families sample international cuisine, learn about world history and science, examine foreign landmarks, and collect passport stamps? The annual Geography and Science Expo offers all this and more – and now is the time to become a part of this unique educational celebration!

Held every Spring since 2008, the Geography and Science Expo showcases the work of self-directed learners from all over western Massachusetts. Participants spend weeks (or even months!) independently researching a country, culture, region, moment in history, scientific discovery and create museum-like displays to share what they have learned and to educate visitors to the event about their chosen topic. Displays can teach visitors about a topic through text, images, and/or models, and can also include experiential components – giving young learners the opportunity to imagine the best way in which to teach others about what they’ve learned. Common experiential learning elements to expo displays include samples of traditional foods and crafts or games derived from a specific culture. And this year, they’ve added Science! Read the rest of this entry »

Book Review: Celebrate National Novel Writing Month with Erin Morgenstern

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. Published by Doubleday, 2011.

Happy National Novel Writing Month! Even though writing can be a fun form of self-expression for kids, teens, and adults, motivating yourself to write can often be challenging. Novels in particular require a great deal of self-motivation over a long period of time. Since 1999, the organization and movement known as “National Novel Writing Month” has encouraged amateur and professional writers to push themselves. Anyone can participate in NaNoWriMo, which asks participants to write a 50,000 word manuscript in a single month, between November 1 and November 30. That means an average of 1,667 words per day! NaNoWriMo helps writers across the country and beyond by providing “pep talks” from professional authors, and meet ups in real life so that writers can take a break from this solitary pursuit. Read the rest of this entry »

YA Book Review: Back to School for the First Time in This Girl is Different

This Girl Is Different by J.J. Johnson. Published by Peachtree Publishers, 2011.

For lots of kids, parents, and young adults, September signals time to re-adjust to the schedule and lifestyle of school. For a homeschooler attending school for the very first time, this transition is much more difficult…and exciting! J.J Johnson’s young adult novel This Girl is Different centers around Evie, a homeschooler, entering school for the first time as a high school senior. This book flips the typical high school narrative on its head. Evie has to beg her mother to go to school. She wants to meet more people and experience a lifestyle she has only seen in movies. Before school even starts, Evie happens to befriend kindhearted Jacinda and Jacinda’s cute cousin Rajas, both seniors. But Evie quickly discovers that she knows less than she thought she did about the rules and cut-throat culture of public school. Read the rest of this entry »

Homeschool 2nd Annual Geography Expo in Stockbridge, MA

Elaine Cal writes:

Hello All,

It’s coming soon… The 2nd Annual Geography Expo !! This FREE event will be held on Wednesday November 18th from 6-8PM in the Gym at the Old Plain School (now the Town Offices) in Stockbridge, MA. This event is sponsored by the Stockbridge Library and the BCHC Berkshire County Homeschool Community. All are welcome!!

What is a Geography Expo?

It sort of looks like a science fair for Geography. You will be able to visit many countries, meet exchange students, and be introduced to their customs, food, books and more.

Exchange students, Homeschool, Public and Private School Students will display information about a country on a poster board and table. Visitors that come to see the Geo Expo are given blank passports. They go around the gym visiting all the different countries represented and get their passport stamped. They can learn the general info about a country and write these facts in their passport. Sometimes, there are delicacies to taste. It’s super fun and a highly engaging way to learn about Geography and meet new friends.

So, come join the fun as a traveling visitor or choose a country to display. It’s fun to study Geography!! Make a simple display with facts such as the Capital City, Chief Export, Population, how to say hello, etc… You can bring articles from the country, dress up, bring native food, books, games or photos or pictures of the country. Have fun and be creative with your learning and display. (One hint: If you tape your facts and photos to the poster board instead of gluing them, you can remove the info after the Expo and make a report or record of your learning. )

If you are interested in displaying a country, please call or e-mail Teresa O’Brient at 413-298-0099 She’ll make sure there is a table ready for your display when you arrive that day.

Here are just a few of the countries already signed up for. If you would like to do a country that is already represented, that’s OK too. All the displays will be so different, and diversity is beautiful!

  • Brazil, Libia, Germany, Holland, Mexico, Spain, USA, Russia, Italy, China

The number of Exchange Students is growing as well as students signing up for a country. So, contact Teresa soon and tell her which country you have chosen. This is a FREE Event but you’ll see a Donation Jar. All donations will go to cover the costs of the Passports and thank you gifts for the Exchange Students. Absolutely no one turned away for lack of funds. Please join us for a fun night of friendship and learning. Smiles guaranteed!!

We’re looking forward to seeing you at the Expo.

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