Kids Sell Their Kids-Made Crafts


Last Friday, Hilltown Families and CAM sponsored a Kids-Made Holiday Bazaar at the Children’s Art Museum in Shelburne Falls, coinciding with the town-wide Moonlight Magic Celebration. Kids ranging from ages 4-13 participated in the event, giving them exposure to the field of cottage industries. Each young vendor sold and bartered their kids-made crafts, rewarding them for their creative pursuits.

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For both Rafael (age 13) of Northampton, MA, and Meghan (age 11) of Goshen, MA, this wasn’t the first experience with a craft fair. Meghan expressed her excitement of being able to sell her sculpy clay and beaded jewelry, clothespin people, and cards in a craft fair that was just for kids. “The last craft fair I participated in was all adults and I felt so out of place,” she commented.

Having a venue for kids to get crafty while having a real world experience and exposure to commerce through the artisan field was the mission of this event. A big congratulations to all vendors for making it a success. And a hearty thank you to everyone who stopped by to shop locally, supporting the event. Hilltown Families and CAM look forward to hosting this event again next year!

DIY: Christmas Spider Holiday Cards

How To Draw a Christmas Spider
By Sienna Wildfield

For the Kids-Made Holiday Bazaar, my daughter (age 5) drew Christmas Spiders for her holiday cards to be sold during the event. Here she gives a video tutorial on how to draw the Christmas Spider:


Christmas Spider design by Persphone (age 5).

  • 3″ x 3″ squares of white card stock
  • black (non-toxic) ink pad
  • Thin black Sharpie (or something comparable)
  • Red marker


Christmas Spider design by Persphone (age 5).Step 1

Take your thumb and press it onto a non-toxic black ink pad. Then press your thumb into the middle of a piece of paper, making the body of the spider. (Try to get your kids to wipe off their thumb before proceeding or smudges will most certainly happen).

Christmas Spider design by Persephone (age 5).Step 2

Take a thin black Sharpie and draw four dots down each side of the spiders body. Then draw “L’s” or “7’s” out from each dot to create eight legs.

Christmas Spider design by Persphone (age 5).Step 3

Draw a triangle just above the spiders body as a hat, then add a circle to the top for a pom-pom.

Christmas Spider design by Persphone (age 5).Step 4

Color the triangle in with a red marker, leaving the pom pom white.

TAD-DA!!! You now have a picture of the Christmas Spider that can be tacked onto a blank greeting card. But before adding it to the card, a holiday greeting can be written (by hand or with your printer) on the bottom of the front. We wrote “Holiday Greetings from the Christmas Spider.” On the backside of the card we printed the legend of the Christmas Spider. There are several variations that can be found on-line, including here and here.

Photo credits: Sienna Wildfield


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