32 Community Highlights: Silver Mines to Labyrinths. Laura Ingalls Wilder to Citizen King.

Educators can learn about creative ways to connect comics to curriculum at the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge during an educators workshop on Saturday, January 12th. Participants will learn a bit about the history of comic book art, as well as many ideas for using comics as learning material alongside common curriculum topics. This special workshop is being held in conjunction with the museum’s exhibit, “Heroes and Villains: The Comic Book Art of Alex Ross.” ($$)

From Silver Mines to Labyrinths. Fiddler on the Roof to The Tempest. Laura Ingalls Wilder to Citizen King… These are just a few of the learning highlights we’re featuring this week, including opportunities to get outside and take the family snowshoeing! Get out into your community and learn while you play! And be sure to check our list of supporting book titles to supplement the learning on the different topics highlighted each week. Purchase them for your family library, or check them out from the public library!

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