Oak & Acorn: Add an Edible Teepee to Your Family Garden this Summer

A Growing Garden

Engage your children this summer by gardening together! Add an edible teepee to your garden for an added dimension of summer fun!

It’s that time of the year when we bring out our gardening tools and start tending to our gardens. Gardening with children is a terrific summer activity to do together.  It’s fun, very magical, and can be an amazing learning experience. It’s also nice to just be out with your kids, watching your garden grow and change over the seasons. Ever since my daughter, Thu, was a toddler, we have grown a garden every year. When she was younger, we did things hand in hand with each other, but now she is older and takes on a lot of the responsibilities by herself. I can tell that she is very proud of herself whenever she digs a hole with a trowel or carries the heavy water pitcher to take care of all our young vegetable plants. Gardening with kids is a really good thing!

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