Lunch, Holiday Food & In the Gallery at Elmer’s

Notes from Nan: Lunch!!!
BY HF Contributing Writer, Nan Parati

Wasn’t that fun!

Our first annual Winter Craft Show in a Quaint New England Town went as well as, maybe the combined weather and economy could have allowed. It was a good first-annual, I think and I look forward to doing a second-annual next year.

And the snow came in just in time! I had actually ordered it for Friday, and what I wanted was just a light fluffy bit, not too cold, not too frozen but apparently the order got typed in wrong (I called it in) and when I said I wanted a BLEND of snow and sleet, someone apparently heard that I wanted a WIND of snow and sleet and so they sent up Siberia on Saturday. Sorry about that. By Sunday we got the whole weather thing worked out and it wasn’t nearly as cold, but still pretty.


Because I didn’t cook it I can tell you it was SO GOOD! I kept ordering the grilled cheese sandwich with caramelized onions and local apples. I also had the gumbo. Whoo it was good!

And so Sunday night we all sat down and said, “You know, we can’t go backwards.” So starting this Saturday, we are going to start serving LUNCH! On Saturdays and Sundays (for now only on those days). I’m not sure exactly what it’s going to be, but here’s what I do know we will offer a soup, a salad and a sandwich. It will be every Saturday and Sunday from 12 to 2. We’ll stop serving breakfast at noon and go to lunch then. Our kitchen is so small that (we found out last weekend) trying to continue breakfast into the lunch time is too much stuff in too small a space. So come after church on Sunday! Come after chores on Saturday! Come on over here and eat!

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