Put Some STE(A)M into Your Valentines!

Put Some STE(A)M into Your Valentines!

This Valentine’s Day many families in Western MA are spreading and receiving tokens of friendship and kindness by participating in our annual Community Handmade Valentine Swap!

Started in 2008 at the kitchen table of Hilltown Families founder, Sienna Wildfield, over 10,000 handmade valentines have been swapped through the mail over the past decade. Participating families sign up by the end of January and then get busy making ten homemade cards t through the USPS with other families. Not only is the event an opportunity for families to connect with others in their community, participation allows families the chance to be creative together – an activity that can lead not only to creative-free play but can also offer hands-on learning in fields like physics, chemistry, geometry, and cultural studies!

Here a few STE(A)M-based ideas many of our participants have tried over the year to inspire your family to get creative by making and giving these tokens of community connection to your friends and neighbors. Read on…

Put Some STE(A)M into Your Valentines!

This Valentine’s Day spread friendship and kindness throughout your community by making handmade Valentine cards with your family to swap with friends and neighbors! Making Valentine cards together is a family project which allows the opportunity to be creative together, an activity that can not only support to creative-free play and non-commercialization, but can also offer hands-on learning in fields like physics, chemistry, geometry, and cultural studies! Read more in our post, Put Some STE(A)M into Your Valentines!

Families Gather to Make Handmade Valentines in Shelburne Falls

MYO Handmade Valentine Workshop
Brings Families Together

On Friday, January 25th, Hilltown Families and the Art Garden presented a Make Your Own Handmade Valentines Workshop, as part of a 3-part free Friday family workshop series in Shelburne Falls. Families with children of all ages gathered to make Valentines together.

Getting crafty with family, friends and neighbors in a community art space like The Art Garden, builds relationships, affords opportunities to share and connect, and allows the space for creativity that our otherwise busy lives might not offer.

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Join in the Swap!

Hilltown Families 5th Annual Handmade Community Valentine SwapThere’s still time to sign up to participate in the Hilltown Families 5th Annual Community Handmade Valentine Swap! For the past several years Hilltown Families has coordinated a community Handmade Valentine Swap — and we’re doing it again! Push back against the commercialization of Valentine’s Day while getting creative with your kids and connecting with your community… sign up to participate! Swapping happens through the mail with 10 other families! It’s free to sign up and open to all in Western MA. Deadline to sign up: Jan. 31, 2013. Western MA (FREE)

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