Yankee Weather in the Hilltowns

Notes from Nan: Happy Thanksgiving!
BY HF Contributing Writer, Nan Parati

For those of you who snickered at me putting up my storm windows yesterday in the snow, well for you I have 11—no, 12 words:

How was I supposed to know it was going to get cold?

Remember Fall Festival just a little over a month ago when it was 80 degrees and we were sitting on the steps of Town Hall in t-shirts eating fried dough? Remember last winter when it never snowed until February? Wouldn’t some fried dough with maple cream be good right about now?

Damn Yankee weather! In the south, it’s hot and you know it’s hot and it’s going to be hot even if you wish it were cold. Here, who knows?

But my storm windows are up, and boy, am I warmer! So nice, these storm windows! You know, I was thinking one day that storm windows in New Orleans are the huge sheets of plywood you put up when a hurricane is coming in order to keep flying lawn ornaments from taking your windows out. Given a choice, the ones here are much more useful in a varied-use sort of way.

You know what my favorite winter sport would be? Having it snow so deep that I would have to open the window to climb out. (I have two of those new-fangled windows that don’t need storms over them, so I could do that.) I think that would be so much fun! Don’t you?


So it’s Thanksgiving! And for our Friday night dinner we are going to have the opposite of turkey dinner: Read the rest of this entry »

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