Community Resource Supports Native American and Indigenous Studies

Discussion Series Builds Community to Support Native American and Indigenous Studies

Offered through UMass, the weekly Community Connect discussion series provides adults and teens with an opportunity to explore Native American and Indigenous studies and build community to support further learning surrounding such topics. Such topics include Halloween and building awareness of cultural sensitivity.

Through a new community-building discussion series, adults and teens can learn about and engage in critical discussion of Native American and Indigenous issues. Offered through UMass’ Certificate Program in Native American and Indigenous Studies (CPNAIS), the Community Connect discussion series is an ongoing weekly forum intended to help build community amongst those with knowledge and experience surrounding the topic and those who seek deeper understanding of Native American and Indigenous issues.

Still in its early stages, the CPNAIS Community Connect series offers serves as a space for educating, listening, and creating, wherein participants can learn about Native American and Indigenous history and culture, as well as local resources that can be used to support and deepen their understanding. While a focus topic is sometimes identified for meetings, Community Connect conversations are meant to be open, allowing the series to take shape based on the interests and needs of participants. Topics explored in past meetings have included cultural appropriation and Halloween costumes and Native American and Indigenous history and culture in education.  Read the rest of this entry »

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