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Dear Sarah,

The #MeToo movement has me wondering – how we can raise daughters who will speak out about harassment and abuse, and know that it is not their fault? Can you share your thoughts about this?

Concerned Mama


Dear CM,

I am raising a daughter too, and I share your concerns. I congratulate you for broaching this important topic. As parents, we are the earliest and best teachers of our children regarding their bodies and their rights. We can empower them from very young ages in a wide variety of ways.

Here are just a few of my thoughts for parenting all children – our daughters and sons:

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Q&A: Best Parenting Advice


Best parenting advice for Shannon Malone Kopacz, “Let them be.” (Photo credit: Sienna Wildfield)

As a parent, what’s the best advice you ever received?

  • Corinne Shaw writes:  You will make mistakes… breathe… explain and forgive yourself.
  • Teresa Barents Van Bramer writes: Take the time to enjoy them when they are little because they grow up so fast. I wish I had listened.
  • Kett Lawrence writes:  Trust your gut.
  • Jessica Day writes:  Teach your children to be kind, gentle, and friendly. (My dad tells my girls this all the time…I love it.)
  • Mark Pollard writes: Buy yourself a bottle of vodka.
  • Sally Campbell Galman writes: Don’t worry about doing great things. Just pat yourself on the back at the end of the day if the children are still happy, alive and in one piece.
  • Sandy Soderberg writes: Early on it was sleep when the baby sleeps. Now – Bigger kids, Bigger Problems. Both are true.
  • Gayle White writes: She will eat when she is hungry and stop when she is full.
  • Shannon Malone Kopacz writes: Let them be.
  • Jude McGowan writes: Not to listen to ANY advice, but to trust your instincts!
  • Tamara Sharples Zayas writes: To think each problem or irritating behavior through instead of just getting annoyed and come up with a consistent, flexible plan. If it doesn’t work, don’t get frustrated, just try something else.
  • Jennifer Scalise writes: This too shall pass…(talking about phases kids go through)
  • Tonya Lemos ‎writes: Take the time to make your own meals. Don’t eat your kids left overs or else you will start feeling like left overs!!
  • Susan Rees ‎writes: “Be nice to your child, then s/he will be nice”. Worked!
  • Anthony Mateus writes: A 3yr old is just a 2yr old with practice.
  • Jennifer Shiao Page writes: Do what works for you (i.e. your family) until it stops working.
  • Robin Sidel writes: Small children, small problems…
  • Amanda Saklad writes: ‎”You are the boss, not your child”

Share the best parenting advice you ever received too.

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