Q&A: 25 Recommendations for Western MA Pediatricians


"Dr. Steele is the BEST!! Both of my kids actually look forward to going to the doctor's to see him! They always try to guess which cool tie he is going to be wearing and who knew someone could make a tongue depressor be so fun," writes Kristy Matusiewicz Dyer

Love your pediatrician? Share the love and let us know. Recommend a pediatrician to families in Western Massachusetts looking for a doctor for their children.

  • Rakhee Price writes: “Northampton Area Pediatrics are FANTASTIC! We LOVE Dr Steele. He makes every visit fun. All the other doctors and staff are all very welcoming.”
  • Oona Coy writes: “Dr. Feinland and Dr. Perry at Valley Medical in Easthampton — they are family doctors. Great with kids, open-minded.”
  • Eileen Hamel writes: “Dr. David Steele at Noho Peds is a former pediatric oncologist from Baystate and has been an incredible doctor to my three young daughters for six years. His “bedside manner” is unmatched and he NEVER makes you feel like a paranoid parent!”
  • Kristy Matusiewicz Dyer writes: “Dr. Steele is the BEST!! Both of my kids actually look forward to going to the doctor’s to see him! They always try to guess which cool tie he is going to be wearing and who knew someone could make a tongue depressor be so fun!”
  • Angela Golembeski writes: “Absolutely love Northampton Area Pediatrics. I’m mom to three kids with significant medical concerns. They have literally saved my children’s lives time and time again. I’m viewed as part of the team. It’s great to know someone is listening.”
  • Gillian Kyle Budine writes: “Noho Peds has my vote too. I have been going there with my three kids for the past 14+ years.”
  • Nancyjo Craig Rongner writes: “We also go to NAP. We absolutely LOVE Dr. Lyons.”
  • Beth Caissie writes: “We love Amherst Peds–Dr. Roche is our pediatrician and we have nothing but nice things to say about her. Everyone else we’ve seen there has also been great.”
  • Alisa Blanchard writes: “Dr Dallenbach in Pittsfield! ♥ him and he will do a home visit if you have a home birth!”
  • Sheila Gallagher Roberts writes: “Dr David Gotseggan and Dr Patrica Petrowsky… Holyoke pediatrics. My favs.”
  • Myssie Casintagna writes: “Dr Feinland and Dr Slack in Easthampton are great. They will make a house call for newborn check at a home birth. Both have wonderful bedside manners, are open to and will suggest alternatives to traditional medicine.”
  • Jessica Day writes: “Dr. Zinn in Greenfield! He was my husband’s pediatrician, and now he’s our girls’!”
  • Heather Richardson writes: “Love Amherst Peds-Dr. Hickman is our doctor and he is wonderful with my kids and very supportive of MY decisions! I do also like Dr. Stephen Anderson in Belchertown, he’s a family doctor.”
  • Ellen Ginsburg writes: “Another vote for NAP in Northampton!”
  • Michelle Huddy writes: “NAP! Love Dr. Steele and Dr. Kenny!”
  • Kimberly French writes: “I have to say Dr. Steele is an exceptional doctor!”
  • Susan Rees writes: “Love Dr Schwab!”
  • Lynette McKinney Knapp writes: “We love Dr. Susan Wang at Amherst Peds. She’s wonderful with our kids and us parents, too!”
  • Katie Flanders writes: “We go to Hampshire Ped. in Easthampton. Dr. Jennifer and Dr. Ray Lamond are wonderful. I don’t think I would have kept my sanity the first year without Dr. Ray Lamond. She is very calming and does listen to my concerns.”
  • Gayle White writes: “In Springfield area, Dr. Judith Tapper at PV Pediatrics. When we lived in Whately she went to Dr. Lyons, LOVE them both!!”
  • Myanna Carbin-O’Brien writes: “Dr Steele is my oldest son’s doctor and has been AMAZING as we deal with a myriad of mental/physical health issues. Dr. Jane Cross at Holyoke Peds is my younger two sons doctor and LOVE LOVE LOVE her. Embraces wholistic health like no other mainstream doctor I’ve ever known.”
  • Shoshona King writes: “Dr. Hickman.”
  • Sandy Soderberg writes: “Dr. Schwab and all of them at Northampton Area Pediatrics. I used to live there when my twins were little – and one of them was a head banger – so I need the support too!”
  • Angelique Challan-Walls writes: “Dr. Dallenbach in Pittsfield is awesome. Positive, supportive, caring, he’s so great.”
  • Jennifer Carriere writes: “Ludlow Ped’s – Dr. Willis… great mannerisms and will be very patient and answer all questions you have. There are also 2 other female doctors at the practice: Dr. Rounds and Dr. Kates. They are excellent, friendly. They all are very patient with answers and questions, and the nurses are great too, especially when it’s shot time… we all know how kids get then!!”

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