Photo Contest Celebrates Place through the Lens of Agriculture

Massachusetts Agriculture in the Classroom Photo Contest

The 2017 MA Agriculture Calendar Photo Contest is seeking photographs of all types of agriculture, including pictures of farms/activities featuring cranberries, maple sugaring, flowers, Christmas trees, fruit, and farm animals.

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The annual Massachusetts Agriculture Calendar is an excellent resource that serves as an educational tool for teachers, legislators and the public and is a collaboration of the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources and Massachusetts Agriculture in the Classroom. The calendar provides an attractive daily reminder of the diversity of agriculture across the state. It includes monthly educational/teaching tips, special ag-related days and website links on each page. The contest offers a wonderful opportunity for young people to participate in a hands-on photographical and agricultural learning experience.

There is no age limit, so children and adults of all ages and skill levels are encouraged to enter! For more details and submission form, visit MA Agriculture in the Classroom. Submission deadline is June 1, 2016. (FREE)

[Photo credits: (c) Sienna Wildfield]

Picturing the Hilltowns: Capturing through the Lens of Landscape

Photography Contest Inspires Exploration of Hilltown Landscape

What parts of the Hilltown landscape offer inspiration? Share your answer in the form of an image for the Hilltown Land Trust’s Picturing the Hilltowns photography contest, open to local folks of all ages!

What parts of the Hilltown landscape can offer inspiration? What living creatures, transforming plants, and unique portions of the landscape are noteworthy? Photographs featuring answers to these questions can be entered into the Hilltown Land Trust’s fall photo contest, Picturing the Hilltowns, which invites members of the local community to share images of their favorite natural Hilltown places and things.

Drawing inspiration from the fall landscape, families can use the contest as an opportunity to examine and document the phenology of fall as seen in the Hilltowns. Additionally, some of western Massachusetts’ autumn icons could offer inspiration for photographs, as could activities and locations recommended in our Autumn Bucket List. By creating photography expeditions centered around drawing inspiration from the local landscape, families can both offer budding photographers with the opportunity to capture new places and subjects with their lens and create opportunities for adventuring photographers to engage in experiential learning about their surroundings.  Read the rest of this entry »

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