Multi-Generational Conference Sparks Conversation on Social Change

Common Threads Conference Creates Multi-Generational Community for Sparking Social Change

How do we keep our sense of hope and purpose? How are we called to contribute? What do we want to ask of or say to other generations? Teens and adults can seek answers to these questions – and many more – at Common Threads: Generations in Conversation on Social Change, a special conference offered by the Traprock Center for Peace and Justice. Centered around creating dialogue that addresses issues such as sexism, racism, homophobia, and ageism, Common Threads offers a unique venue in which citizens and activists of all ages can come together to creatively share thoughts, questions, and experiences. For teens in particular, Common Threads offers a unique opportunity for learning how to exercise mind and voice, and presents a chance to learn from and connect with others in a multi-generational environment in which creating social change is paramount.
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